Bucatini with Roasted Tomatoes

The weather was almost aces today. Tights and boots and 60-some degrees. Only problem. The rain. I wanted to use the oven today but I wanted to make a recreation of the eggs florentine that I had at a place in Buenos Aires and my truffle oil came but I need new ramekins so that was out. The tofu-artichoke mac and cheese would have worked but I had no silken tofu and it was pouring out and did not want to make a stop. Also. I’m tired. So this standard pasta is where it is at. Fast simple easy oven smells good and my pasta shipment arrived.

And I was soaking wet when I got home, especially since I had to stop to pick up my CSA today. Feta again and pasta share. No, I don’t get the veg share because this is my first time at the CSA rodeo and I wanted to see if it was all kale or not and did not want to commit until I saw and I can’t eat kale anyhow, I can’t digest it. So, yeah, the fresh pasta and cheese but that was of no help today.


Roasting tomatoes was where it was at.

What I used:
17.5 oz pkg of bucatini – use the Rustichella d’Abruzzo. Just buy it. There are no preservatives. Just air dried Sicillian semolina and water. That’s it. It will change your life. I order it online from markethallfoods.com since Fresh Direct stopped carrying it. Prolly cuz it costs $5-6 but it is quality. Buck up and get it.
A pint of grape tomatoes
7 garlic cloves
Olive oil
Crushed red pepper
Spanish smoked hot paprika
Good olive oil for raw use
Aged parmesan-reggiano, just get the aged kind, and grind it yourself if possible, that is if your stupid $500 Kitchen Aid behemoth is not acting up even though it is less than a year old, then just make the cheese counter shred it.

What I did:

Quarter the tomatoes and put them on the lined with foil baking sheet, unless you want to clean an extra pan, I know I don’t want to.

I turned on the oven to 350 to start preheating while I cut for the all of 5 minutes that it took. Dump the tomatoes on the pan, add like 7 cloves of garlic. Yes I am lazy and just buy the pre-peeled ones and I do not care if you are secretly judging me right now. For realz, I saved myself 3 minutes and some cleanup time.

Drizzle with some olive oil, the kind you cook with, not the raw use kind. I just use the Monini brand of extra virgin, but you can use whatever. Whatevs. Sprinkle with the pepper,red pepper, paprika, pepper and a pinch of salt. Please just get some decent paprika or just don’t bother to use it. Seriously.

It will look like this before you stick it in the oven.


Set the timer for 20 min. Go do something else. I felt guilty for not going to the gym, but my calf muscle is pulled and I have done 3 3-hour session days in a row. Ponder maybe jumping over for a few since it is literally across the street,  but reconsider since you just had a glass of wine.

Timer is up. Go stir it around with the flat wood spoon and see if the garlic is smashable. It’s not. Back in for 25.

Go do something else. Ponder the gym again. Timer is up.

Smash the garlic. It is soft now but not done. turn down the oven to 260 and set timer for 15. Oh, I forgot. When you get the tomatoes in the oven fill your pot with your water for the pasta and salt it. Turn the stove to low so it gets all hot and then you can turn it up to quick boil it when the tomatoes are done. Cuz even though we have the quick boil burner, it is never fast enough. So yeah, save some time and do this.

Timer is off. Check it and if it is done, i.e. the garlic is all roasted and smashable with a flat wooden spoon, you are done, otherwise check it at 10 min intervals. Mines done:


Turn off the oven but just leave it in so it stays warm and max the burner to high and get it to boil. Cook the pasta. I put it in and bring it back to a boil and after 8 min from the 2nd boil it is done. The package says it is 8-11 min to cook, FYI.

During the 8 min, go out and cut some basil and oregano from your balcony garden. It’s wet, prolly with acid rain. Using anyway:


Drain the pasta and add some parm to the bare pasta. Put back in the pan you cooked it in, no need to dirty again and mix in the tomatoes and basil and oregano add some of the good olive oil as needed, like a drizzle. Plate it and serve it with a simple salad. make it look nice, you did cook and all.

Eat it..


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