On Deck

It’s Friday and I am getting my Fresh Direct order together and obvs need to plan out what to eat.  The weather is finally turned to fall and I can start relying on using the oven.

My meal plan went pretty well last week and I did 90% of what I planned.  Onto this week:

Leftover drunken pad thai and some dumplings from North Dumpling (I don’t feel bad buying these, it is a hole in the wall where you watch the old women hand make the dumplings and they are super filled with ginger and the skins are super thin and light and my dumplings, when I tried are just not as good, and they are $5 for a bag of 30 to take home and steam yourself or $2/8 veg steamed.) – Friday

Pizza Party – Saturday

Quiché with mushrooms/cheese or tomatoes – Sunday

Roasted beets and carrots with cumin and coriander over greens with roasted orange and lemon vinaigrette – Monday

Mac and cheese with leeks and artichoke hearts  – Tuesday

Gratin Savoyard – Wednesday

Pasta/tomatoes – Thursday

Additional things that sound good and I may sub in: Spit Pea Soup or Puy Lentils (I may make the soup on Saturday, then it can sit and be ready for after going out)

*days items made subject to change

As it is Friday, I am thinking of this:

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