Split Pea Soup

I love me some split pea soup. Now that the weather has turned and with a nudge from a post this week on thekitchn.com, I was armed with a base recipe to try making myself. I was gonna make the crust for quiche today, but I was to tired after the gym today and stuck with this. Aside: these really gross ads for Denny’s new cheese menu keeps running and I swear they are not even bothering to hire a food stylist and the macaroni and cheese patty melt is just vile looking.

Anyhoo, so I had a summer squash around and thought it would make a good addition. And some ginormous leeks and I like leeks so used those rather than onion. But first, we got home from the gym and were about to start cooking and I can’t find the split peas I ordered from Fresh Direct. So I ask the husband if he remembered unpacking them. No. Ugh. So I look at my order and see I forgot to hit the checkout button on all three, yes three, screens and it did not get into my updated cart. I really hate that I have to confirm my order three times. Effing irritating. So now we have to go to the stupid Fine Fare. Lucky I checked and saw that my carrots and celery did not in the cart so I knew to get those too. So we are at the Fine Fare and they have no split peas in the yuppie, I mean organic section. So I go to grab the Goya ones. The husband is all confused and asks why I wanted the organic, will the Goya not taste as good? I’m all, no it’s the same, I just wanted the other cuz I’m a yuppie. We lol’d.


Armed with my ingredients I was now set.

What I used:
3 carrots
3 celery stalks
1 summer squash
1 huge leek
1 huge or 3 regular sized garlic cloves
16 oz split peas
2 bay leaves
Smoked paprika
Flat leaf parsley
Chipotle Tabasco
Liquid Smoke/Hickory

1/3 baguette diced to large crouton
About an ounce of naturally smoked Gouda

What I did:
Peel the carrots. Have husband, or you do it, dice them along with the celery and summer squash. Trim the dark top off the leek and half lengthwise. Go wash it out and get all the dirt out. Splitting it lengthwise makes this easiest.


Put some olive oil in a Dutch oven, I used my 7 qt le cruset. Use whatever or a stockpot. Sweat all the veg for about 10 min on med heat. Add the bay leaves, a pinch of salt, some pepper and about a teaspoon of smoked paprika:


Add the split peas and 3 quarts of water. Wait for it to boil. Stop watching it. It won’t effing boil. It looks close so just stick a lid on it and turn it to low-med and wait for 10 min. Timers up and it’s on boil so turn it down, cover it and set timer for an hour.


In the meantime go cut some flat leaf parsley from the garden or wherever you get it and snip it or chop it and add to the pot. Give it a stir. You can leave it or check it every 20 min or so.

After an hour it still won’t be close to done and it will appear as if the liquid proportion in the recipe is wrong. It is sorta, as is the cooking time. If you want a thin pea soup then you are good, otherwise only do 2 qts of liquid. And use veg broth not water if you don’t want to cook this all day. I know people claim it only takes 45 min to make vegetable stock and I think that is wrong. I always cook mine all day. Same principal here if using water, it is not going to flavor by cooking for just a short period of time.  As far as cooking time, this is not gonna get done in an hour and a half to 2 hours as directed. I did mine for three hours and it still could have gone longer. Make this with it cooking all day in mind.  See how thin, this is after 2 hours:


Back to cooking. It still needs something so I added more salt and some chipotle Tabasco. That worked. As I said I let this go for 3 hours and finally added a couple drops of liquid hickory. That finally made it come together.

So I made my garnish. Don’t skip this, is really makes it better. Take the baguette slices and toss them in some olive oil. Put on a foil lined bake sheet and toast for 10 min at 400 degrees. Are the toasted. If yes, sprinkle the cheese over them and put back in for 5-7 min. Take them out once the cheese melts and put them in a bowl.  I’m also going to do this from now on for onion soup:


While waiting on the soup make a simple salad if you like. I like. Plate the soup, toss some of the cheese croutons on top and think of how you at least fixed this recipe, it could have been kinda bad.

Eat it.


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