Split Pea Soup Redux + A Night of Tarts

My big cooking plans for the week are on hold cuz I have a ton of leftovers. This isn’t necessarily bad since it it means dinner is on the table in 15 min after work and gym.

In this case, I decided to try the pea soup again. I was hoping that it would have thicken and take on some more flavor.


On another front, I am having a dinner party for 6 on Saturday. Our kitchen is still not finished so we only have a dining table for 4 at the minute. This means that I can’t do a seated dinner. I do a lot of tapas normally. And fussy apps to work with the informal seating. This time I thought I would build around a quiche as it looks fussy and can be served room temp. Then I was planning to make blinis and gougeres and futz futz futz. And that was just no good. I found a recipe for a roasted beet and fig tart with goat cheese. Hmm. Rewind and wait. I can do a tomato tart too. Both use the same pâte brisée like the quiche, but I can free form them. But what can I serve with it. Roasted asparagus stalks wrapped alternately in prosciutto and smoked salmon. Scratch the blinis and futz. Add a caramelized onion tart and some nibbles of olives and nuts and now I have a plan. But wait, I was asked if I needed anyone to bring anything, pointedly dessert. Yikes. I am not a sugar person. Making dessert for me is dousing a bowl  fruit  in Grand Marnier or Lillet. Ok, an apple tart with cambezola cheese would work and still all made with the same pâte brisée! So a night of tarts it is. Sounds easy enough.

And cava and cocktails and wine. Just a couple days more and we will know.

Back to the soup.

I was right. Out of the container it finally had the right consistency. And definitely more flavor. I’d still make changes to the recipe. But would also make it and let it sit overnight.
What I did:
Take out the soup and put in a pan to reheat.


Take the leftover olive baguette out of the freezer. If you are in New York, go to Essex market and get the picholine baguette from Pain d’Avignon. It is like crack. Cut it into crouton size and drizzle with olive oil. Bake on a baking sheet for 10-15 min at 400. Foil line the pan so you don’t have to wash it.

Shred about an oz of smoked cheese and sprinkle on the top of the croutons when they are golden. Bake for another five min til melted.

Make a simple salad if you want. I did. It took 1 min total.

Soup is hot. And thicker.

Plate it and serve with croutons.

Eat it.

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