On Deck

So here is my little meal plan for the week, I’m a bit shocked that I managed it, but whatevs. Yes, 2 of the things are what I missed making this past week.

Saturday – dinner party – tarts/olives/nutz

Tuscan bread soup – Sunday

Gratin Savoyard – Monday
Ginger soba or cashew soba stir fry
Roasted Carrots on greens – Tuesday
Pasta – Thursday
Burritos or poached eggs in “salsa” with polenta – Friday
I have no clue what to make tonight. Can’t have a pizza party, need to make the dough.  I don’t think I have all the stuff to make burritos.  hmmm.
While I ponder this, I’ll just remind myself since it is Friday, I am thinking about this:

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