Dinner party prep

So I’m prepping for dinner party. So I set my hair in the sponge rollers that my mom always made me wear for special crap and my dad would reward me/ make up for it by taking me to the library and getting me a big Mac and shamrock shake at McDonald’s, for some reason hair sets always happened during shamrock shake season. I always hated wearing these. And inevitably, the rollers would have to stay in even at the library and McDonald’s. For some reason they always gave us too much change and even though we didn’t always have a lot of money, my dad always taught me that you give back the extra if they change you wrong cuz it goes against their till. Dad is a good guy.

Mom way Joan Crawford but I get it. She calls me Veda. It`s all good.

The husband watched me roll my hair and asked why. He also asked if I was really going to sleep on it. Yes. Cuz that’s what you do. I’ll wrap it in a cloth and sleep on it and get up and not go to the library or go to McDonald’s for a big Mac, or a shamrock shake. But sponge rollers mean something special is going to happen.

And my rollers match the decor.  Aces.





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