Tarts and Tarts Part 2: Tomato Tart

This was by far my favorite tart of the evening, a very simple tomato tart with really nice heirloom tomatoes.  Is was not the sexiest tart of the night, but just super good. I pretty much used this recipe and it is a winner.  I`ve never used a Liebowitz recipe, and frankly I don`t go to his site much, if ever unless I get linked to it off another site.  I think he`s a bit overrated and has a bigger following than warranted simply be cause is an American living in Paris and that is a housewife`s wet dream, but maybe I`m being an ass.



What I used:

1 pate brisee/crust

3 nice, in season ripe tomatoes, preferably heirloom, or a not so wet variety.

Dijon Mustard – I use Maille

Comte Cheese, Boucheron Cheese, or all goat cheese. About 4-5 oz total

Herbs, I used Oregano and Basil

Olive Oil


What I did:

Slice the tomatoes in 1/4 or a bit thicker slices. Layer onto a paper towel and let sit for a while to rid of excess moisture.  I let mine sit for several hours since I was doing a lot of cooking:




Roll out the crust to be as big as you can – 14 inches, you got a lot of tomatoes! Do it on parchment, no exceptions! Spread mustard over the crust. Crate a thin layer of comte over the mustard. Layer the tomatoes in a pretty way onto the crust leaving 2 inches all around.  My tomatoes did not all fit and I was sad, so I just ate them and was less sad.  Add some black pepper to the top and drizzle some decent  not for cooking even though you are about to cook this olive oil over the tomatoes.  I have been really liking this Titone brand and thought is would be good on these tomatoes. It is just good alone!

Add the goat cheese, I used a Boucheron because I really like it and like the way it looks:


I sliced 2 1/2 inch pieces and just broke it all up by hand over the tomatoes.  sprinkle with your basil and oregano and time to fold it up.  I over crowded and struggled to fold up the sides, but was finally able to and do not regret overcrowding it with tomatoes.


Use a pizza peel to get it in the oven, it is easier.  Bake in a 400 degree oven for about 90 minutes checking it after 35 min and every 10-15 minutes until it is done.  There were some comments on the website about it being too wet which the author never answered.  I figured it out – just keep cooking it longer.  Don` be afraid, it is not going to ruin, by cooking it an hour longer than it said to, the liquid all evaporated and created a glaze of tomato goodness.

Let it cool to room temp and plate it.

Eat it.


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