Tarts and Tarts Part 4: Blue Cheese Pear Dessert Tart

I actually made a dessert.  I don`t make desserts.  I don`t even much like desserts. I like savory to sweet.  This was my kind of dessert.  I was agonizing what to make and since I already was making tarts, knew that a dessert one was the way to go.  I was going to make an apple tart.  Then a pear tart.  Then a combo tart, which my mom said was not a good idea so back to the apple tart.  Then I happened on this, a savory pear tart.  I was going to make it as is, and pass it off as dessert, then modified while cooking and is became a dessert.


What I used:

6 Bosc pears, still crisp textured, not soft

2 tablespoons or so of butter, I use Pamplie butter, unsalted


1.5 Tablespoons Cinnamon, approx

A handful of walnuts

1 oz Blue Cheese – I used Roaring Forties Tasmanian Blue

1.5 Oz Cambezola

1 oz Boucheron, or other goat cheese

Milk  Crème Fraîche , 2 heaping spoonfuls

1 Pate Brisee/crust

Espresso Ice Cream/Gelato

What I did:

Peel and dice the pears.  I really really did not want to peel these.  But I did.

Melt the butter in a large pan or dutch oven, add the pears and cook on medium until soft and brown.


Once browned, add some honey and cinnamon because you are afraid people will realize that this is not really dessert. Crush up a handful of walnuts in your hands and add to the pear mixture to toast.


In a food processor, or mini-prep attachment for an immersion blender, add the cheese and what was supposed to be a splash of milk.  But I went and opened my milk and it was bad.  Crap.  I could go to the neighbors and ask to borrow milk, or send the husband down the block to get milk.  I debated the neighbors as I knew they would, but felt weird because it is not like the store is a mile away, it is just outside and like 700 feet away.  But then I realized I had some creme fraiche, so I figured I`d try that.  It seemed to work.  I used like 2 spoonfuls and mixed it all up in the miniprep.

Roll out your dough to fit a 10 or 12-inch tart pan.  I was gonna freestyle this, but decided not to.  Put it in the pan and refrigerate for a half hour.  put a piece of foil in the tart pan and fill it with a lb of dry beans or pie weights if you have them.  Blind bake the crust in a 400 degree oven for 15 min.  Remove the beans by making a closed pouch with the foil and pulling then out, you are pulling the beans out after the 15 minutes in the oven.  Don`t try to not weight the dough down.  I once did and it just puffed up all over – baking FAIL.  Put the now parcooked, bean/weight-less crust back in the oven for 10-15 minutes until it looks done.

Put the pear filling in the done crust.  Be worried because it seems really dry and you don`t know what the hell you are doing.  Just keep going.  Spread the cheese mixture over the top.  Be worried that it doesn`t seem like enough and doesn`t look like the picture.  Whatever, be prepared for fail.

When you are close to wanting to serve it, put it in a 250 oven for 30 minutes or so until warm.  Serve it warm.  When you pull it out is will shockingly not look as dry as it was before.  Plate it with the espresso ice cream.  It is a dessert that is not really all to sweet but still plays as a dessert.  YAY!

Eat it.


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