Sorta Minestrone Soup

I’ll admit it. I’m kinda hung over today. And yeah, I may have stayed in bed til 3pm. But I cooked from 12:30-7pm straight + helped clean the house. And dinner party became a dance party til 4am.

So knowing this would be a possibility, I planned to make soup. Too bad it was so humid or it would have been super perfect. It was very good and certainly what we both needed.


Not gonna lie, I really did not want to cook, but this is fast and easy.

What I used:
4 Carrots. 2-3 if they are the jumbo ones which I prefer since they are faster to prep and peel, but mine were regular sized.
3 stalks Celery, including the leaves if they are there
1 Leek, I supposed you could use an onion, but I like leeks and this was already chopped from earlier this week. Score!
3 ginormous garlic cloves or 4-5 regular sized

A quart and a half veg broth
1 28 oz can of whole tomatoes. I use the Muir Glen fire roasted, but use what you want. I suppose you could use the diced or crushed, but I like these
2 boxes of prewashed baby spinach
2 15 oz cans white beans, navy, cannelini, whatever. It’s all the same here

Bay leaf
The rind of a piece of parmesan cheese if you have it. The husband makes fun of me for saving them, but this is why and he was not laughing after eating this.
Bread for making croutons, I did not have to make the croutons since I had some left over from earlier thus week. Score again.

What I did:
Seriously, this takes 10 min to prep and 20-30 min to cook. Super speedy. So peel the carrots and rough dice them, rough dice the celery, leaves and all. Clean and slice the leek (mine was done, yay), slice up the garlic.

Over medium heat, Heat a soup pot, I used a Dutch oven. Add some olive oil. I did the carrots first and got those in the pan with the leeks while I finished chopping. Just add the other veg as you finish chopping it.

All chopped veg are in. Add the bay leaf, a pinch of salt and some ground pepper. Sweat them a bit til they are starting to get all cooked, like 5-7 min. Add the veg broth. Open the can of tomatoes. Add it and Use your wood spoon to break up the tomatoes a bit. I also added a bit of white wine here, I poured it into the empty tomato can, swirled it around to get up all the tomato and dumped it in. I just do this out of habit to clean the can.

Open the cans of beans, drain and rinse them. While rinsing, dump the boxes of spinach in. Add the beans and the rind of parm if you have one, stir and let come to a boil.

Reduce it to low and simmer for at least 20 min or longer if you want. It will thicken a bit but not be a stew or anything.

Make some croutons by dicing up some bread, drizzling with olive oil and baking in a 400 degree oven for 10 min or so. Like I said, I had some leftover from earlier this week so I didn’t bother. Or maybe you want to keep this gluten free, or you just don’t want croutons. Whatevs.


Taste it when you think you are ready to eat it and add salt or pepper if it needs it. Mine didn’t. You could also add some pesto I suppose, I didn’t.

Plate it.

Eat it.


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