Black Bean Soup with Bonus Green Chile Cornbread

I think I am getting a cold. If I do I am screwed. The husband has a cold and I am trying to stave off mine since my event is on Wednesday and I don`t have time to be sick. I was able to at least finally get my table seating done for the event. It takes forever to seat 300 guests and block it out keeping mindful that one wrong table could cost me donations during the live pledge.

So yesterday I finally had to break down and go in to grab a dress. The six dresses that I had shipped from just all were fails. Note to Diane Von Furstenberg, your quality is in the can for Fall 2011. So while getting my hair did, I trolled Barney`s Coop online, and while it was snow/slushing(?!?!), I figured, at least the soho store would be empty, so armed with the knowledge that there were 10 promising items on their website, I broke down and went in. Yes, it was empty, though would it kill them to stock a size 6 at the soho store? I`m 5`9, that is not a complete fatty, jeez. I walked out with one dress and waiting for another that was at the Chelsea location to be fedexed over to me. Why that can`t messenger it, I have no clue.

So I have a seating chart done, a dress, my nails are now did and I am trying not to get a cold. Time to make a black bean soup. This one`s kinda spicy cuz I like spicy and I`m hoping to kill the germs.


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Garbazo and Cannelini Bean Vegetable Soup

I’d be lying if I said I made this today. I ate the leftovers today, but made this on Sunday and never posted. It is really more of a stew than a soup.

It was perfect on a cold rainy night after a super long day of trying to wrap up all my seating for my gala and not getting it done then jumping over to the gym for a short session even though I worked until 8 tonight.




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Speedy All In One Fresh Pasta

Jeez I worked a long day. But I still managed to do it. The husband grabbed some fresh dumplings from North but I was so late I decided to hold them for lunch tomorrow and make this. it took all of 15 min and I have some pesto made for a crap-ton of meals later.

Fresh pasta from the CSA, cherry tomatoes, some remnants of cambezola and boucheron, made a spinach pesto and salad. All in one.


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Wild Rice Fritatta

This is a fast post for a fast meal.  I made some things that had leftovers that were perfect for a fritatta, though really this is more of a Spanish tortilla, for sake of ease, I`m calling it a fritatta. You can really use anything in a Fritatta. It’s just eggs baked with stuff. Super simple and speedy other than the 45 min or so in the oven. But this took all of 5 min to get prepped.

Since I had leftover wild rice mix from the other day, and the remainder of the creamy mushrooms, it seemed a perfect match. Try it with the wild rice. It is a super health bomb.


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Healthy Tuna Casserole – No Cans

I happened upon this last winter. I’m not sure I was looking for it, but when I found it, it sounded pretty ace.  I had forgotten about tuna casserole! I made some changes, and this has no cans of cream of crap soup.

It’s not gonna change your life, unless you have never had a Hot Dish, but this is good, easy, and comfort food. Try it.


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Julia Child`s Gratin Savoyard My Way

This was seriously my favoritest of things to eat as a child. My mom often made the box gratin potatoes which she would kill me for actually saying. She fancies herself more Martha, but as a working mom, she sometimes strayed to the Sandra Lee territory while cooking during the week, at least when it came to the box potatoes gratin (I think she blocks ever making those out from her memory and I hardly blame her). But come holidays, and some Sundays, she would bust these out and ZOMFG, these were the best thing in the world.

So I asked her for the recipe some time back because, for some unknown reason I don`t own any of the books from the Mastering the Art of French Cooking series. I have bought these books as gifts for people, always bookmarking this recipe for the gift recipient, but have never purchased for myself. I even used to justify eating these as a teenager when I stopped eating the meat, despite the fact that they are to be made with beef stock. The are just that good. My recipe now, uses veg stock and they are still that good. So, yeah, I am straying from my menu planning, shocker! But this is worth the stray.


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On Deck

This will be short.  I am super busy for with work since my fall gala event that I am working on in in a week and a half.  At least my end of November Barcelona tickets and apt are booked and ready.

I’m not sure really how much I’m going to get through after Sunday, but this is the plan at the moment:

Pad Thai

Vegetable Fritatta with Wild Rice

Tuna Casserole, sounds vile, but is actually really good and not from a can!

Soup -The Tuscan Veg?  I need to make a soup since it will provide a ton of leftovers for later meals
Polenta with Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus
Pizza party
The husband said he would cook for me this week, but I’m not so sure.  I offered to turn over the reigns and let him guest blog if his cooking comes to fruition.
Anyhoo, since it’s Friday, I’m thinking of this: