On Deck

Here is my little menu planning for the week.  Last week I got through 3 of my scheduled things, let’s see if I can manage 4 this week.  It is a 3 day weekend which means I have an extra day! Woot!

I’m also planning for Barcelona in November.  We have been going to Madrid over thanksgiving the past few years, but we have not been to BCN since 2006, so it’s time to revisit.  I loved loved loved BCN, but frankly that last time we were kinda stupid on the food front – we booked out like every night practically and all at The Places, because we thought it was it was soooo cheap compared to New York, and it was cheaper, sorta, but added up by going like every single night, and led to disappointing meals- Cinc Sentis, I’m looking at you! That was the one and only time we went on a vacation and planned out and ate at all the hyped places and never again.  I think you lose a real travel experience.  When we were planning out San Sebastian, I kept seeing all these people who had lunch and dinner reserved every day, every single meal a gastronomic experience and it looked so sad and how do you enjoy it when it all runs together and there is no mystery in what the day will bring and you don’t get any concept of what people eat day-to-day and  it is just so thought out.

Anyway, maybe we will make a reservation somewhere, probably a week in advance or once we get there.  We will definitely go back to Mam i Teca, where we can just walk in and up to the bar.  We will definitely drink out all night, buy a case of wine to bring home, and as many packs of Gauloises as we can manage.  Now, if I could just find a flat to rent that I like in the Raval…

Onto this week:

Burritos – Friday

Pizza Party – Saturday

Poached Eggs Florentine – Sunday, my individual baking dishes finally came yesterday so I can attempt to recreate this from Demuru in Buenos Aires.

Jambalaya – Monday (the husband makes my mother’s recipe)

Gratin Savoyard – I swear I really am going to get to it! – Tuesday

Pasta Something – Wednesday

Thursday – there will be leftovers from these meals that need to be eaten if I want to be honest with myself finally.

And sind it is Friday, I am thinking about this:

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