Jambalaya in a Snap

So this jambalaya is a recipe my mom used to make. It’s easy and fast and can be done in a half hour or less and I like it, even if it is not what they prolly make in the Bayou.

It also super adaptable, meaning, I don’t eat meat and it can easily be left off to the side for those who do, or left out all together. In our case, we leave it to the side for the husband. I think the base recipe is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, but would have to ask my mom.



What I Used:
I don’t follow the recipe to a tee, but you can see the difference in the pic.

1 onion
4 huge garlic cloves or 7 regular sized
2 bell peppers, I used an orange and a green
1 28 oz can whole tomatoes, I used the Muir Glen Roasted as always.
3 stalks celery
1.5 cups basmati rice
1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined – the jumbo was on sale so I got that.
1/2 lb chorizo or andouille sausage
Corn, I use canned cuz I like it better than frozen, but I realize most people think frozen is better. I think it is less crispy. Use what you will. So a box of frozen or a 15oz drained can.
Red wine
Flat parsley
Smoked hot paprika
3 bay leaves
Gumbo file

What I did:
The husband and I made this together. I started the 7 qt Dutch oven on medium with about a tablespoon of olive oil while he chopped the onion in a rough dice. And he Measured for no reason:


Pan was hot so onion was added. I chopped the celery and garlic, celery a finer rough dice and the garlic minced. Add to the pot. And stir. He chopped the bell peppers and added.


I added a pinch of salt and some pepper and about a teaspoon of paprika and the bay leaves and sweated for say 10 min. He cooked his sausage. Slice the sausage and cook it through. ( If everyone eats the meat you can just cook it in the pan that you are going use for the jambalaya, take it out when cooked and use the fat to cook the veg and such.)

Put the tomatoes in a measurable bowl and take a scissors to them chopping them up. Add enough water to make the bowl equal 4 cups total with liquid.

Add the tomatoes and liquid and the oregano and parsley. Just strip the leaves from the oregano and use a scissors to mince the parsley into the pan. Or chop it. Whatever you prefer. Bring to a boil and add the rice.


Turn it to a simmer. Add some Tabasco and cover and cook for 15 min. Rice is still crisp. Add about a half bottle of red wine.

Let it cook for 10 more min. Add the shrimp. If you have okra add that too. I screwed up and had none :(. Boooo! It still is good without. Cook for 10 min and add the corn. Cook through to heated. (Add the sausage back if everyone is eating the meat)

Taste it. Mine needed more salt pepper paprika and Tabasco.

Cook through until warm. Add about a teaspoon of the gumbo filé.

Since it has been a year since we finished the gut Reno other than the kitchen cabinets, we decided to open a decent wine that we brought back from Buenos Aires. This was more than we usually spend on wines that we import, but delicious. it was 90$ ARS.


Plate it. Have more Tobasco and gumbo file for serving.

Oh Breaking Bad Season Finale.

Eat it.




So after eating, I walked into the bedroom and saw this. Aaaaw! A Minda-Bear.



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