Potato Leek Soup

I never did an on deck post since work is too busy. I did plan out some things I was going to make though, this was one of them. Again, I am currently cutting down on too many days of wheat and dairy, not the carbs. Love me my carbs.

This is good as it is easy, really low fat and made for the most part with pantry staples. Cheap too, if that’s a consideration.


What I used:

3 small carrots
2 1/2 stalks celery, leaf and all if yours have them. I would have just used 2 but a half stalk broke off so I just used it.
1 onion
2 huge garlic cloves. It is the same as 4 regular sized ones
3 leeks. It was about a pound and a quarter of leeks
Just over 2 lbs potatoes
2 liters veg broth
Sea salt
Olive oil

Half of a lemon

What I did:

Peel the carrots and trim and clean the leeks. Chop those and the onion, garlic, celery. A rough dice is fine, you will blend it later Heat about 2 tablespoons olive oil in a soup pot. I used the 7 qt Dutch oven I often use.

Add the veg and turn the heat to med-low and sweat the veg. Add 3 pinches sea salt, pepper and strip the leaves off of some thyme. Just guestimate. I suppose mine was the equivalent of 2 teaspoons.


While the veg is sweating, peel and dice the potatoes.

After 10 or so min, maybe 15, the veg will be soft and cooked. Add the potatoes and the broth. Turn up the heat and half cover. When it reaches a simmer turn it back to low and simmer on low half covered for about 20-30 min until the potatoes are soft.


Mine took about 30 min. This is fast, but all the peeling is futzy. For me at least.

So the potatoes are soft, take an immersion blender to it and purée until it is smooth.


Do this without the heat on! Also, be careful as the soup may splatter. If you are using an enameled cast iron pot, like a Staub or Le Crueset, don’t hold the immersion blender with too much force on the bottom of the pan while moving it around or you may scratch the interior. All my warnings are more dire sounding than this really is.

Anyhoo, since the leeks stay a bit crisp, this will take up to 10 min to purée. Don’t despair. It will eventually get there.

It’s pureed.


Put it back on the heat on low to rewarm. Go pull some parsley and snip it into the pot. Add some tabasco and taste for salt and pepper. You could add some smoked paprika. If you don’t want to use Tabasco, then add a squeeze of lemon for acidity. Or it will taste flat. The husband had some cooked bacon in the fridge and I suggested he might use it to get rid of it. He added a sprinkle to his. You could too if you eat the meat.


Make a salad if you want. Plate it.

Eat it.



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  1. This looks good!!! Great job!

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