Fall Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

Supposedly it was national pasta day, though I only know this from an email I got from somewhere. I didn’t pay attention where. I took it as a sign to make some pasta.

I had some mushrooms and found a recipe on serious eats for a wild mushroom pasta which I linked in the last post. I made some changes though, like adding spinach. It was super aces. Make this.20111017-101046.jpg


What I used:
Half a large onion
4 huge garlic cloves
1 lb Shiitake mushrooms
A box or bag of washed and ready baby spinach. Mine was 5oz
Crushed red pepper
Olive oil
White wine
Red wine
1lb tube pasta. Penne, ziti, etc
Juice from half a lemon

What I did:
Put a pot of water on to boil for the pasta. Salt the water heavily.

Heat a large pan and add a tablespoon or so of olive oil.

Fine dice the onion and mince the garlic. Add about a tablespoon of crushed red pepper to the pan and let it toast for a minute or so. Add the garlic and onion and let it sweat on low while you chop the mushrooms. You are only going to rough chop them, if you are a super slow chopper, you might want to do them in advance. I just did it while the onions and garlic sweated. I just stopped and stirred a couple times.

Add the mushrooms and some black pepper.


Let the mushrooms cook down for about 10 min until they start to barely stick. Add a good pinch of sea salt. The mushrooms will exude some water and get creamy. When they are dry and starting to stick, deglaze the pan with the white wine. Like a quarter cup.


Water is boiling. Add the pasta and cook about a minute underdone.

Add the spinach to the mushrooms


Cook the spinach down. Add some more wine if you need to. It will take 5 min.


Drain the pasta and sprinkle with some parm. Add it to the pan of veg and pour about a quarter cup of red wine over the top. Turn the heat to medium and keep stirring for 5 min until incorporated and the pasta finishes cooking and sucks up the red wine.


Add some more parm and a the juice of half a lemon.

Plate it.

Eat it.



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