Wild Rice Soup

I finally got sick and have been in bed all weekend. I got up to make some soup only cuz I was sick of being in bed and did not want take out again. Last night was Vegetable Pho. Or like a bowl of sriacha broth with veg. I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow. Hope.

Back to the soup. The local fancy grocery back in Minneapolis, Byerly’s, had this wild rice soup that was legendary. Yeah, I know grocery store restaurant. Makes no sense. If you google Byerly’s wild rice soup. Or Lund’s wild rice soup you will get the recipe. And a lot of waxing longingly over this soup.

Theirs was pretty calorie laden and had meat. This is my version.


What I used:
1 large onion, yes onion, not leeks. I was going to make onion soup and bought a crap-ton and need to use. Use it. Or a leek. I don’t care.
3 garlic cloves
3 stalks celery
1 jumbo carrot
8oz crimini mushrooms
Olive oil

1 cup dry wild rice, please, just buy the real kind, not California cultivated. You will thank me.
Amount of liquid it says to cook it. 3 cups water in my case.

3 tablespoons AP flour
1 tablespoon butter
1 1/2 qts veg stock
Approx 1 cup wine, preferably white. I had to use red because all my non cellared white got drank over the weekend
About a cup of skim milk
Bay leaf
Sea salt
Fresh parsley

What I did:
Peel the carrot/onion. Dice all the veg. Heat a soup pot and add just enough oil to sweat the veg in. Like a tablespoon. Add all but the mushrooms and sweat for about 10 min until soft. You can add some salt and pepper now.


Add the mushrooms and cook down. Make a well in the center and add the butter and flour. You are making a roux. So keep stirring it and cook it for a few minutes.


Add the veg broth and stir often and bring to a boil. Turn it down and simmer for 10-30 min. Depends on what you are doing. Add the bay leaf and wine too.


You should have started the rice prior to chopping an is done now. Alternately you can just add the rice to the pot with additional liquid needed to cook it after you sweated the veg. I cooked rice separately for some reason. Add the cooked rice now if you did what I did and cooked it in advance. Add the milk. I used about a cup, maybe a bit more.


Bring to a simmer and cook for another 20 min or so. Taste it. Add some more salt and pepper if needed. Add some Tabasco. You are using it for acid, alternately you could add a squeeze of lemon, but lemon + milk is weird to me and the tabasco adds some heat. If you skip the acid this will taste flat and you will think it is missing something.

Snip some fresh parsley in.

Plate it.

Eat it.


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