On Deck

I am super excited that I just realized that we leave for vacation next week!  This offsets the fact that I have felt like it has been Thursday like every day since Tuesday. Boo! So I am a day early on my On Deck, but whatevs.

I am still trying and failing to get a res at Tickets, I have no shame though and plan to try to do a walk in.

We only booked one res – HISOP .  We will wing the rest.  I have these places on my radar:

Gelonch | Gresca | Embat | Lolita

Definitely Quimet i Quimet, which we for some reason skipped the last time we went.  And Mam i Teca, which we thought super-fantastic and reasonably priced.  And definitely Kaiku, which makes me want to die looking at pictures and unfortunately they are only open for lunch and we are so lazy that we barely get up.  But we stay out all night.  Have to change this.  We were good in Buenos Aires over the summer and did naps. By good, I mean we were out the door by 1pm.  Must attempt this again.

Also perusing this flickr account because it is awesome.

Things we need to find: a good wine merchant who we can procure some interesting and small bodega produced wines, preferable vin naturel, and will bring back a case, I have  decent cheese and  bread shops in my head from the last time, but this time am going to attempt to shop the Boqueria since the apartment we rented is around the corner.  This may be a fail.

This is my menu plan for the week:

Sunday: Roasted monkfish with olive sauce and and arugula-lemon mash potatoes, I’ll make a few changes.
Saturday: Pad thai
Friday: Pizza Party
Monday: Roasted Acorn Squash with rice, or the leftover “tagine veg”.
– Gym: quick cardio
Tues: Polenta with tomatoes, asparagus  – Gym: full session

Wed: Use up what is leftover in the fridge?? – Gym: full session

Thursday: Pasta/Tomatoes – Hair appt + bar
Friday: Barcelona!

So since it is the end of the week and I am taking off half the day tomorrow, I am thinking about this:

and this cuz I think these fish displays are amusing and am obsessed with photoing them:


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