Barcelona 3

It rained all day. I also was dumb and was up til 6am and slept til 12:30. We got up and ended up having an average menu del dia across from the MBAC museum. I forgot my phone so pics are on the husbands and really who cares. We did a major wander around then stopped to grab wind and stuff at the boqueria, but all the stalls were closed and the wine shop was having the floors refinished.

A fail.

Back at the ok corral, aka apt, we decided what to do for the night and I took a short nap.

Since it was rainy the husband decided we try cal pep or bust figuring line would be low. Or at least lower than they say.


On the walk over everything seemed to be dead. the last time we were here we tried to go but arrived to find the were closed for the week of Xmas.

This worked out well. We rolled in at about 9:30 and waited 20 min for a seat. There were three types of groups: deer In the Headlights, stare at what everyone else is eating and order accordingly once seated, and regulars. We fell in the middle luckily because the first were being up-sold and shuffled out the door. While we got no owner attention, we were able to get out with what we wanted and a 70€ bill which could have been doubled.

Unfortch the razor clams were done by the time we sat, so we started with clams. Salted fried peppers, pa de toquet, and seafood croquettes



The clams were ace and we ended up getting another order


The husband also got the sausage for some reason.


Here’s a tip. The house wine is very good and only 1,35€ a glass. Just get that. They will plonk down the bottle and pour out as you request, charging you for what you drink.

After dinner the rain had picked up again. And we jumped around the corner for a drink. Instead of Staying in The area we stupidly walked back In Where it got younger, but mostly deader on a miserable monday.

We did pass a shop with the outfit above which I coveted.

Otherwise we walked back over the the Raval for a couple more drinks at a couple.more Monday rainy bars and called it a night at 2.

We did surprise a couple hookers servicing a guy on our alleyway on the way back to the apt. The halted, shocked by our presence, zipped, dumped condom, and bolted. And to think, when we rounded the corner I think we were less scared of them than they were of us. Oh well. No harm no foul and at least they had a condom in use. AIDS lesions are common enough here to make you think it is the 80s again

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