41 Degrees Barcelona

41 Grados/41 Degrees is Ferran Adria‘s new-ish place that is 41 courses plus some cocktail matches and riffs on the old menu at El Bulli. We never could get to El Bulli and barely could get in here, but we found another couple who had a res for 4 and were able to share on theirs which was super!

This was our bank breaker at 140€ each plus a 23€ bottle of wine. The total bill was ~360€.  Luckily, our dining companions indulged my food picture taking. Unfortch the lighting sucked and my pics are not the best but here they are.




This is just going to be all pics because I can’t even explain this. I went back in and described everything.  It is obviously pic heavy and I am hypercritical at times in my assessment of each thing.  It isn’t because I did not enjoy the meal, I did.  I just think that  food, especially creative food, is very open to discussing/deconstructing.


Cocktail of boozy cold sorbet in a meringue-ish sandwich – excellent and interesting










From top to bottom these were served together:

“carrot leaves” with a “gazpacho”  – this was hard to photograph with all the white and the major spotlight over the table.  It took me a few courses to figure out to move the items to my plate to better photo. Cocktail accompanied was a gin and tonic where a nitrogen infusion was poured over the ice, the liquid portion.  It was made with a local gin.



Anchovy infused olives.  These are the rage and rightfully so.  We all got 3 or 4 of them each.




Snacks of crispy octopus and nori.  The octopus was vaguely reminiscent of the bagged shrimp chips, but better.


The jambon on air bread from the regular menu.


My sub of a sesame with banana.  Good, slightly sweet.



False pistachios, false peanuts and , my mind escapes me on the other.  Cocktail accompaniment was an apple gin concoction.  All very good.



I don’t even know what this is at this point.  It was on ginger and very good.  For the flower, you pull out the piston and suck the nectar out.  It tasted like Hawaii. Or the smell of plumeria.  That is a positive thing.



Tuna “hand roll” with roe.  Excellent.


Razor clams with roe and yuzu.  Very good, very tender.


This course marked the meh portion of the meal. This was a cheese that was neither bland nor strong, but had an essence of strong cheese, like all the stinky behind action of a good strong cheese, but without the flavor.  So it was kinda like a dirty sock for lack of better  descriptors.  Then inexplicably, they added odd flavorless gelatin and some roe.  I barely ate this.  No one at the table liked. It was Japanese-fusion at it’s worst.


Fried cuttlefish with a “chick pea” dipping sauce.  These were more like a fried squid/calamare and the sauce had no taste which flummoxed us.  This was not bad, just boring.


Still on the asian-fusion, a tuna belly on a rice-tapioca marshmallow instead of rice.  With the metal surgical instrument “chopstick,” this was hard to keep together.  The marshmallow part was too sweet of a contrast to the tuna for me.


I was hoping to get away from the fusion meal, but it kept coming – mackerel with tiny oyster mushrooms.  This was excellent and this fish perfect.



Crab in its shell.  Very good.


Moving from asian to latin, a “ravioli” served on a lime and meant to be shot in one swoop with a squeeze of lime on the end.  Very good and innovative.



Thai style roe on coconut with kaffir lime. Excellent.



Sliders with foie and my 2nd sub.  Mine was a portobello mushroom slider. Very good, though the slider is pretty ubiquitous  at this point.



Peruvian style ceviche.  Excellent. I really liked this.


Muscles in brown butter.  I really liked this, the husband was meh.  It was totally different thing from the rest of the menu, I was down with it.


Caviar and roe.  I like the roe, liked this.


I don’t know what this is because I did not eat it and they did not really say.  I guess I could scroll up to the menu, but too lazy.


My sub of mushroom stew.  Meh.  I love mushrooms, but it was just mushrooms and garlic in a light broth.



White truffle on toast.  ZOMFG! The truffles!





I don’t again know much about the top, I believe it is a chicken from looking at the menu.  I got a sub of quail eggs which are on the Tickets menu.  Everyone at the table was jealous of the quail eggs, but, I, um, am skeezed out by quail eggs.  Regular eggs, great! Quail eggs, I avoid, I ask them to be removed or toss them to the husband to eat.  But I was shamed into eating them.  They are soft boiled at x temperatures per the server, what temperature? I have no clue, I was fixated on the fact that I have 2 quail eggs in front of me and feel compelled to eat them.  Crap.

So I sucked it up and did, considering I was skeezed out by something I had never eaten before, perhaps it was some sort of hysterical reaction to nothing.  Well, first off, the surgical implement “chopsticks” were just making the quail egg jiggle like some sort of jello ™ jiggler shot. But I got it around there, then the just colder than room temp yolk exploded in my mouth.  Yep, I don’t like this.  And it did skeez me more. Still shamed, I ate the other and sucked down a glass of wine.

I can’t say these were bad, more of a if you like that sorta thing.  And I don’t.  Moving on.



Next up was exactly what it looks like cheese in a dough.  Not mind blowing but very good.  I would have eaten more!



The infamous Parmesan Ice Cream Sandwich. Very good and not sweet! I will get the side eye on this, but it tasted very much like a Cheese It, or is it a Cheez It? No clue.



Palate cleanser of grapefruit granita and what I think was thai basil for the herb. Excellent.



This has a styrofoam consistency and something in the center and honestly I don’t remember what it is.  Was good though.



This was a two-fer – cocktail and course in one that was separated and plated/glassed.  It was a soaked icy melon separated and plated and the liquid made into a cocktail.  Excellent.


Another dessert course, again not very sweet.  Keeping with the cinnamon garnish in the last cocktail, it was in this plate as well.  Very good.


Final Cocktail that had an essence of yogurt in it.  I believe it was vodka based.  Very good.






Finally a plating of chocolate bites.  Too sweet for me cuz I don’t like sugar/sweet things nor chocolate, I had the petit four with the edible silver and a bite of the painted chocolate leave and the cake rock thing and passed off the rest to the husband.


So 4 hours later we were done and set off into the night.


3 Comments on “41 Degrees Barcelona”

  1. shiv says:

    great review. i had been looking for one of the new 41 degrees menu. im heading to spain shortly for my 40th and am thinking of including it in my itinerary, is it worth including? i read your other barcelona stuff too, i liked the look of Hisop. you seem pleasantly crazy. where u from?

    • bombedpop says:

      lol, I am pleasantly crazy. I would go to 41 degrees, if only for the experience. It is hit and miss, but there are 41 courses, not all are going to be winners. Also, the cocktail pairings were all pretty ace. I was disappointed in Hisop – mostly because the main fish course for me was the standard perfunctory whitefish in a broth/emulsion that I am always served when they have to sub a fish course for me on a tasting menu. Seriously, I need no more whitefish in a delicate essence of mushroom broth. Also, we were 1 of 4 occupied tables so it was super quite and reserved.

      Do go to Mam i Teca – it is one of my favorite places for Catalan style small plates – well priced and casual. Imprevist was really one of the best meals I had this go around and so cheap for no reason. They are rreally trying to do innovative, but not fussy cooking there and the atmosphere is nice.

      I’m from NYC.

      • shiv says:

        great tips. thank you so much. i should have guessed you were from new york. your representing in great style. keep up the good work.

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