Barcelona 4

I am behind on my postings so will make this one a shorty. Tuesday we woke up late and had lunch at El Fortuny which I recommend. We were able to change our dinner res at HISOP to evening as well.






Lunch was 10,25€ and for me was
was a salad of black beans, eggplant, and spinach to start and a phyllo roll of roasted veg with a bit of goat cheese sauce. Very good, especially the salad. The husband had a smoked salmon on potatoes with olive tapanade to start and pork with grilled artichokes. We skipped dessert for wine, though their lunch menu was more interesting on that front than other places.

We wandered the Raval during the day and made our way back to make our 9 pm dinner res.

Since I did all my notes on HISOP earlier and am on my phone it seems easier to just put all my picks after the description. It is what it is.

The restaurant was a bit quiet and we were seated with a single diner who was having trouble communicating with the waiter who was getting a bit pissy which was irritating. We both just wanted to jump in and save the guy, but we didn’t and just quickly ordered our tasting menus so we would not have any issues. They really want you to get the tasting there which from reviews I had read, was a better meal.

The tasting was 52€ and we sprung for a 26€ wine that. was recommended by the sommelier. The rec was spot on.

To start, we had a glass of cava and an Amuse of cockles in smoked foam, it was ok, but I don’t like cockles so much.
Then another amuse of a Tartare of sardines, this was quite good

The Bread was served with an andulucian olive oil and a Catalan oil. the andelusian oil was slightly smoky and amazing. I asked to take a pic so I could find it and they told me it was sold at the olive oil place in the Mercator Santa Caterina which is on my list, so I will be picking up a bottle.

Our first course was a Sea bream on bread and tomato with olive oil ice cream and crisp it was an amazing contrast of cold tomatoes and bread and warm fish. Very good.

Next was a Baby squid with roll of mushrooms and green beans, which I really liked. The husbands was the same but had blood sausage rather than mushrooms. He liked mine better.

My final course was a Hake with an infusion of mushroom broth. Standard prep. Nicely done. Nothing to write home about. And the husband had oxtail with a purée of Jerusalem artichokes.

They had this cheese drawer which I decided we needed for our kitchen and our cheese course was drawn from There.

Then a Mojito palate cleanser. Slight amount of rum, lemon sorbet. Very nice.

Finally the dessert Chocolate cake with savory ice cream and hickory tasting stuff chocolate creme. It was Not sugary!!! Yay!
















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