Barcelona 7

We did our 1 touristy thing today and went to the Sagrada Familia. I hate churches and was sorta shamed into going but this is not a regular church.

We bought our tix online and picked them up at the ATM but once we got there and to the elevator, found out that we did not have the 2,50€ passes for it and it was sold out. Kinda irritating cuz there was no option to buy online and the husband was disappointed. No worries, it was a sunny day so I took some pics.




On the way we stopped for lunch at Carmelitas. But we also passed the Jardin Gato. It was a small kitty garden that for some reason I hadn’t seen prior even though we passed it a bunch of times! The husband was all worked up about getting to the place on time since we had 4pm tix but it was still 2 pm and I convinced him to let me find the entrance. But I couldn’t. Boo. It is only a block from our rental flat and being mindful I said we could go back tomorrow. The kitties all had little houses and some were in the garden sunning themselves.

For lunch I skipped the menu of the day since it did not appeal and had a pasta with tomato and olives.


He had the menu and had a vegetable soup and the duck with caramelized pears.



We jumped in a cab to get to the Sagrada familia and I took pics and consoled him over the elevator. I also tried to beg our way in to no avail.















We went into the museum to get our 13,80€/each worth and I am still trying to figure out what this means we can’t do.


After we walked a couple miles back to the Mercat Santa Caterina to get the olive oil I wanted. We went yesterday but they were closed. My foot was hurting from the stop and go walking at the museum in 3″ heels and it was nearing 7pm and I was fearing the shop would be closed again but I was in luck!






I was all dry mouth so my attempts to taste any of the other oils were a fail. I just bought 2 of the bottles that I had set out for and stocked up on pimenton and saffron and we were off to have a drink.

My foot was hurting so I forgot to take a pic but I had a white wine to the husbands mojito. After our break we made off home and I finally took. Pic of these monstrosities




We went out to dinner planning to go to 4-Barcelona, which I had seen on this guys food flickr, but they seemed to have morphed into cocktails only so we went to Silenus which started good.


We had a bottle of white at 14,50€ which I thought was a bit high and an amuse of carrot cream soup which was good.



I had a pumpkin fritter which was good and the husband had a huevos/jambon/patata thing that he started eating before I took a pic. He liked.

Against my Better judgement we shared a seafood stew that had to be ordered for 2 people which was ok, nothing to write home about and I could have made better. Needed more of that pimenton I just bought.


We wandered back down past the nicer prostitutes to Cassette bar for a drink and then to mixed dance bar Movie for some drinks. Both in the lower Raval and both all Spanish rather than expat. Then wandered back to the flat to make it back before the rough trade came out to service. Yeah. More on that later.

Tomorrow is our last day and it will be the kitty garden, lunch tapas at quimet I quimet then most likely a dupe dinner which I hate doing at either mam I teca or improvist.

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