Barcelona 8

It was our last day in barcelona and it all went astray. The husband finally got a full blown stomach flu and was down for the count. Or rather puking his guts out.

I went out to get to do some last minute stuff in the afternoon. Namely check out the kitty garden and grab some lunch. The kitties, it turns out, were not accessible and I could only stare at them longingly throughout the fence. So I went to read a mag and then walk around.

I was a bit lazy and didn’t get around to eating until close to 4pm so my options were limited. Combined with some paranoia of getting sick, I just grabbed a sandwich and glass of wine at Olivia.
Yep. Same sandwich as two days ago, but no worries it was good.

After I wandered and took some pictures.
















Came back to pack and see if I could coax out the husband for dinner. He agreed to come out but not eat even though I thought it would make him feel better. Also, I still can’t figure out why the luggage was less full. We did buy the case of wine and the olive oil, and that does have dedicated luggage. But we also had a bunch of other stuff, like a truckload of cartons of Gauloises that i added to the regular luggage. Weird.

I was ready to just revisit Imprivist when lo and be hold we happened upon a square we had passed a million times that suddenly had a restaurant on it. I swear it was across the street from the Dali graffiti mural that I photoed above earlier in the afternoon. I don’t think it is open in the afternoon. Weird. Anyhoo, it was Ravelo, a pizza place that we had heard good things about and while odd, we have a travel pizza quest thing going on.

At the thought of pizza the husband perked up and was invigorated to eat. Though he did stick to drinking coca cola.
His was a jambon, rocket, cherry tomato and fresh mozz.

Mine was roasted red pepper, crimini and olive, also with fresh mozz. The husband let me steal some of his rocket to toss on mine. They also had olive oil with crushed red pepper on the table which was far superior to the hot Sicilian chili oil that I had bought from markethall foods. This was good quality oil and unstrained. I now have the idea in my head to make some myself. Now that I’m typing this, maybe I will make batches and give as holiday gifts.





The total for 2 pizzas, 2 coca colas and 2 glasses wine was a mere 30€ and it was good. Not mind-blowing, but solid. Sauce and toppings were great. Dough was good and made with proper flour. The only improvement would be to stretch rather than roll the crust. It was rolled and had no air pockets. But minor and the husband felt better. He was planning on not eating after all the stomach flu violence.

We headed home after and I had bought a small baguette for the husband in the afternoon in case he was still bedridden so he could get something in his stomach. Since it was not needed I decided to use up the cheese we had bought earlier and make sandwiches for the flight. I will be doing this in the future. Seriously, why I never thought of this before is just stupid. Access to decent cheese and bread and not taking it aboard flight and eating the airplane meal is just totes screaming dumbass.

So we got to the airport, were dropped at the wrong terminal and had to shuttle to T1 but luckily had time. Breezed through checkin and grabbed more Gauloises at duty free then set off to find the lounge. But no one could tell me where it was!!! We were pointed off in an odd direction that seemed totes wrong and the husband was getting irritated and I was all we have an hour to flight!!! And then suddenly we were at our gate with no lounge in sight. And it was already boarding! An hour early?!? The husband got even more worked up because he was convoked that we would have no over head room for our measly tiny backpack and now gauloises filled duffle because everyone carries all their crap on and takes up all the room and I hate those people. Just check your luggage. No big deal and if you do Troy enough to get free checked bags off your status, just get an airline card that lets you, or pay the fee. I don’t care. Just stop cramming weeks of luggage onboard making it so that the rest of us have no place to put our small bags of stuff we actually need on the flight. For real, our carry on has an ipad and some magazines and my flip flops that I wear on the flight to use the bathroom. And my sandwiches that I made. That’s it. The rest is checked. Sorry travel rant.

So I grabbed a wine to chug pre board and him another coke and we tossed the duty free in the collapsable duffle and boarded.


Not kidding – I did chug. (don`t judge my crappy appearance – I was up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am for this flight)

And luckily the flight was light and people had not seemed to over carry on and we could put our bag up with no trouble and were off home.

Seriously. Those sandwiches were a stellar idea.

I still have some more days to add in , but will get to that this week.


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