Wine Shopping

We travel for wine. Some people think this is nuts but we bring back cases of wine when we travel and not the crap from duty free or $50 ++ bottles. We buy bottles to cellar and wines that are not imported. Something special and you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. Generally, you pay to have your wine aged for you and ready to go. You can get an exceptional bargain if you buy it and hold it yourself.

We have a nice bodega across from our flat but unlike some other merchants, they are a bit confused by us. We grabbed some great wines but were excited to happen upon a Penedes regional market set up over the weekend outside the Boqueria. You got a glass for a euro and could taste away. We were on our way to grab lunch but stopped for a taste and told them we would be back in an hour.

We also checked out the foodstuffs. Cheese and jambon and dried mushrooms, which I can’t figure out if they will trigger my luggage so I had to skip, and honey and stuff


After grabbing sandwiches at Olivia, I had avocado tomato and cheese and the husband had ham and cheese


We went back over. Yes, we stuck with sandwiches that day. I’ll come back to it but the short story is that there was some maybe stomach flu going on and reservations that were had and someone may have vomited up a close to 200€ meal right after walking in on a hooker servicing a guy in the doorway on the way home prior and, uh, yeah. Sandwiches seemed like a good option after all that.

Anyhoo, we went back to the market to taste and get schooled on the Penedes region.

Buy first a look at the foodstuffs







The husband also got one of the pictured stick o pork while traipsing around. but we got back to the vendor and got to tasting. Our most expensive selection was a 2007 pinot that was really good and will sit for 10 years at least. We got 2. On the low end was a tampranillo for 4,50 and will sit for the same period. We got a lovely white that was smokey and fruity and 7,50 and 10 bottles later had spent only 69€ and he forced us to take the 6 pack of tasting glasses which we obliged and will try to fit back in luggage home We did doubles of some wines for once and can’t wait to get them home. Though we still have a couple more bottles to procure from the bodega across the street to finish up our shopping.


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