On Deck

Never got around to my on deck last week and am currently making holiday foodstuffs for gifts. Right now I am in the midst of curing my first batch of infused vodka with several more to go + some hot chili olive oils that I will get to this weekend and will start posting recipes. The one currently curing is a rosemary-meyer lemon vodka. I’ll be doing a ginger-lemon one and have been issued a challenge to do a bloody mary appropriate one for another friend. I’m thinking a hot peppers, but want to add some herb from what is still going on the balcony garden. I’ll come up with something. Also need to make home herb salts for gifts.

In the meantime this is my current plan for foodstuffs (not necessarily in any order!):

Monday- Caramelized Onion Fritatta

Sunday – Pizza Party – need to make a new batch of dough too.

Wednesday – Polenta with roasted veg

Thursday – Black Bean Enchilada Bake  Stuffed and Roasted Portobello Mushrooms with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Saturday? Mushroom and spinach Pasta

Tuesday – Meyer Lemon and Clementine Roasted carrot salad

Notice – I have no soup on here this week! Shock.

Since it is friday, and I am really thirsty, like seriously parched. I feel like I have not had water in a lifetime even though I am drinking herbal tea, I am thinking of this and trying to decide on Bordeaux or Marseilles for May vacay (though I gave husband til end of the month to get to pick wherever he wants, I’m guessing he will not make deadline. But anyhoo, I am thinking of this:


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