On Deck

I missed my on deck last week but am back to regular all day work hours so here it is.  I’m pretty psyched to have some new readers  despite my pictures on this week’s recipes being less than spectacular, iphone + green walls don’t always make for the prettiest shots. This is kinda my secret spot to do my food recipes, I haven’t let my facebook universe in on this place and only a couple friends know it exists, so it is nice to get stumbled upon.


Anyhoo, here is what is on deck for the week:

Friday: pizza party

Saturday: Thai rice noodles with tofu, or a tofu-rice noodle stir fry
with cashews, ginger, or curry noodle soup.
Or maybe hoisen sauce with the rice noodles, veg and tofu? Playing this by ear.

White bean and kale soup

Roast eggplant for baba ganoush – switching up my yogurt and rice cracker lunches!

Monday: Puy lentil-sweet potato salad.  add quinoa or brown rice? Kale salad

Tuesday: Eggs poached in smoked tomatoes with spinach.  simple salad

Wednesday: leftover thai noodles

Thurs: Polenta with roasted veg, kale salad.


And since it is Friday, I’m thinking about this:



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