On Deck

I am kinda at a loss this week and no clue why! I think I just have not come upon anything that has grabbed me this week when trolling online. Also I am tired, very tired.  I had a dream this morning that I was on vacation in Paris and it was suddenly getting late on Friday and we were to leave on Saturday and we had forgotten to go grab wines to take home to cellar and stores would not be open and that was the whole purpose of going! And then I woke up and was all, oooh at least it is Saturday and then I realized, no, it is Friday and not only that but I had to get up an hour early cuz the husband had a 9am meeting today and we share car service to work and blah.

So anyhoo, this is my current plan:

Friday: Pizza Party

Saturday: Dinner with friends, I’m charged with coming up with the cocktail to go with the food – I am going for something with mint, meyer lemon and cucumber – vodka based, since 1 of the 6 of us is a non-gin person (not me!), but no big thang.  Dinner is vindaloo, saag paneer, and chana masala + the accompanying sauces.

Sunday: Veg Sheppard’s Pie – similar to this, but I’ll make some changes

Monday: Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Tuesday: Polenta with roasted  cauliflower and tomatoes

Wednesday: Baked sweet potatoes with feta, spinach and chickpeas

Thursday: leftovers?

I’m kinda irritated that Fresh Direct suddenly stopped carrying washed and trimmed mixed kale cuz I am kinda obsessed with kale salads! I am going to attempt to wash and trim it all in advance, but fear I will get too lazy.  In that case, I’ll just juice it.

So since it is Friday, I am definitely thinking about this:

Cocktails! In Paris!

Cocktails! In Paris!

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