On Deck

It has been a miserably long week that included a day at work with a massive hangover slight hangover of which I blame Veda, or Todd Haynes, I stayed up too late waiting his version of Mildred Pierce which is suddenly avail on itunes and I love the Joan version and the book.  I had issues now that I finished the miniseries after the fact and the very slight slings it missed in the film comp to the book  And  I had a  a 3 hour meeting and drinking so much water that I had to leave said meeting 4 times to pee and grab more water.  Blah.  Also, I really need to get my nails done, but it is kinda crappy out so unless it stops raining when I leave work, I will skip it.

I really have no clue what to make, like really, just at a totes loss for some reason.

This will have to do:

I will play around my days of making by ear, and am going out of town for the weekend on Thursday, so I just have to cover Friday-Wednesday.

Friday: Pizza Party

Monday: Stuffed Mushrooms

Saturday: Ginger Cashew Stir Fried veg with Rice Noodles

Tuesday: Gratin Savoyard

Sunday: Chilaquiles that I saw on Serious Eats, but adding egg maybe? If I don’t make these Sunday, I will at least make the tomatillo salsa then.

Wednesday: Polenta with roasted tomatoes, broccoli rabe and cauliflower

Wait – that was easy enough, it looks like I have 3 new things on my deck which works for me.  And since it is Friday, this is what I am thinking of, sorta.

Why yes, this is a Spanish Wine Cooler. And yes, I did drink it. And no, I don't plan on having another - desperation, inexplicably it is all they had in a club in Seville, no real wine, just this.


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