Roasted Cauliflower Frittata

I am finally making the frittata that I saw on emmycooks blog. I made some changes by lightening it a bit and adding some more veg, but this was for no other reason other than preference and not wanting to bust open a single serve yogurt for this. Hers looks amazing as is!

I roasted my cauliflower the other day so this was pretty speedy.



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Fusilli with Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Tomatoes and Basil-Mint Pesto

I could not decide which foods to make from my pre-prep and then this won out. It is a riff on this, but I wanted more veg and color, so added the broccoli rabe and tomatoes, both which I roasted because I seem to be obsessed with roasting stuff.

I made the pesto yesterday, but this is just as speedy to make it all at once while the veg are roasting.


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Basil Mint Pesto

I can`t say I really made anything today. Instead I prepped the rest of the weeks meals and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a ginormous kale salad. My grilled cheese was not as fancy as the ones that I saw Ina make while watching the Barefoot Contessa at the gym today. Yeah, I watched a cooking show at the gym, but it was 4pm and nothing else was on, so yeah, I did the weird thing and watched cooking shows, which is rather odd.

At a loss when I got home, I decided to prep out the rest of the week because I was flying solo for dinner and didn`t want to make something with a ton of leftovers so this worked. This is on my On Deck and is a slightly modified Sicilian Pesto Batalli recipe.

NB This makes a whole lot of pesto – close to 3 cups, I’m going to go back in and freeze at least half so it keeps.  Also gonna try it on grilled cheese sandwiches.


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On Deck

I was trying to decide yesterday, when it was 60-ish degrees, whether I would just prefer that temperature year round.  The problem is that I like wearing a winter coat and I just got a new one in November  or was it December, whatevs, and I really like it but have not been able to wear it much of the season since it has been like 50 degrees all winter.  I’m not complaining, I hate snow and super cold, and I really hate the heat, so I guess if it were to be 4 sets of seasons or just 60-ish degrees all year, I’d take 60.  No, this has little to do with anything, just typing out the random conversation I had with myself yesterday.

On another tangent, since I just put on my coat to go outside, and every time I stand up today, I am reminded that this skirt I am wearing is like 7 pounds, for realz, and it would really look better with my winter coat rather than my leather trench.  And I really should have set my hair today cause it would all look better, but it is raining anyhow and it’s better off that I didn’t set my hair.  So anyway, this skirt is ginormously poufy and heavy and it’s from All Saints because I still sometimes dress like I’m still a 15 year old goth/punk girl, but one who now has cash, yet my blacks still don’t match and they just cranked the heat in my office and so I had to take off my hooded sweatshirt that has a hole in the elbow and I need to patch because I can’t find another one that is fitted and thin and does not have any labels/brand names on it and my shirt black is not the same as my skirt black is my point – gah! Yuppie problems!  Moving on, I should just put on some Morrissey and curl up on the floor and work these yuppie problems out.

Or I could just move on.

So, I didn’t make most of my on-deck last week – I stuck to standards – Shrimp Sandwiches again, roasted veg and polenta, kale salads, stuff, and I am kinda at a loss this week.  Hopefully I will come up with something as I type this.  I did have one sorta new, but I did not take any photos – decided to turn  Pizza Party! into calzones.  The husband was sceptical as the last and only attempt at calzones was last summer.  With our new grill.  That was gas. That we kinda didn’t know how to use yet.  And I insisted we could plop the raw calzones direct on the grill, no stone or anything.  Yeah, it busted open and just major FAILED all over the grill interior.  Ever since, the husband has given me the side eye when I mentioned calzone.  But these were perfect and save some time.  I’ll add these to this week and pic. them.

Ok so this is what I am thinking:

Friday: we keep putting off going to dinner at Fat Radish – I can’t get a res tonight, but it is like around the corner from my bar, so the husband is going to to walk over and put our names down and we’ll see if they call us to get in.

Saturday:  We are going to a birthday party and I’m not sure if we will need to cook as they usually have an elaborate spread of homemade indian food – samosas and other goodness.

Sunday:  I saw this penne pasta with basil mint pesto that I want to try – I’ll add in some broccoli rabe.

Monday:  Roasted cauliflower fritatta that I found on a commenter’s blog, and will link back to when I find it.    Found it!!

Tuesday: I also saw this  – these peanut noodles which I will heavily change up because I think most of his recipes are kinda bland and I am going to use soba noodles instead and swap the peanuts for cashews.

Wednesday: Calzones

Thursday: Polenta with roasted eggplant and asparagus.

Ok – so I came up with some things to make.  And now since it is Friday I am thinking about this:

Madrid Balcony Chillaxing

I am also very pleased to have finally scored Pulp tickets after not being able to get the first time around, but they added another date and even though I forgot to go on at noon when they went on sale because my outlook calendar failed to pop up and remind me, I remembered at 2:3o and they were not moving so fast, probably because the scalpers couldn’t buy them all up as tix are for this day are only for will call with match ID.  Yay!

Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

I`m not so sure about this one. For one, it isn`t speedy, and two, I`m not so sure it warrants the amount of time it takes. But I am typing this part while it is in the oven as I usually do.

So this weekend was Metal Mania on VH1 Old People, I mean Classics, so last night we contemplated going out for dinner, but were waylaid by the Lemmy documentary. I guess if you rent it you can watch 4.5 hours of bonus footage! That`s a lot! Not gonna lie, I am intrigued and am pretty close to getting a hold of this bonus. Then we couldn`t go to bed because the documentary of Anvil was on at 2am. It was a bit sad and like a trainwreck that you just could not turn away from as these guys kept spending money trying to get famous again. Like 25 years later!

What does all this have to do with this shepherd`s pie, I don`t know. Just sayin`.

So luckily the husband helped me with this as it took an hour and a half to prep to begin with, though you can make ahead. I used this recipe, but made some changes, some in advance and some on the fly as it really needed some more seasoning. Ok, so we ate it, the flavors came together and it was major hearty with a ton of leftovers.


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On Deck

I have a half day for work tomorrow because of the holiday weekend and I plan to get my nails did.  I also don’t plan on being around to do this, so I am doing it now.  This is going to be a rather boring set since I am kinda copying what I did last week since the husband wants the shrimp sandwiches, so I am gonna make those again.  I feel like I should do something futzy since I have an extra day off, but we’ll see.  This is my plan at the moment:

Friday:  not cooking

Saturday: Pizza Party

Sunday: Some sort of Tofu/Rice noodle veg stir fry with a garlic-ginger cashew sauce

Monday: Shrimp Sandwiches

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes

Wednesday: This Eggplant recipe looks pretty ace, I think I will try it.

Thursday: This lentil shepards pie also looks good, I think I will make this and switch it with Saturday or Sunday.

And even though it is Thursday, it is close enough to Friday and I am only at work for a couple hours tomorrow anyhow, and I am about to go and do this when I leave my desk, but it will be at Clandestino, not in Paris, I am thinking about this:


Roasted Asparagus and Wild Mushrooms

Still flying solo with the husband away on biznass. Unfortunately, since he feeds the cats, I got up and was shocked to see an empty bowl this morning – I forgot to feed them! Luckily they did not starve to death, not that I would have really forgotten to feed them for long.

Anyhoo, I`m deviating from my posts of full meals for this, though you could certainly add a poached egg to the top and a salad and call it dinner. This is pretty simple and fast – only 5 minutes of prep and 30 in the oven and you are done.


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