Late Deck

I didn’t do an On Deck this week.  The husband had a biz-nass trip for a conference to Minneapolis and I decided to tag along and see my family and friends since I never go there and have not been in years and years and years. It seemed to make sense to do take a long weekend and do it and luckily it was snowless and 40 degrees.  My mom made me a lovely dinner on Friday of a super rare seared tuna with wasabi aioli, lemon zested basmati rice and a simple salad.  On Saturday, we did have a dinner out, at Cafe Ena but I didn’t take any pics.  My salad was a loser anyhow but the starters were great – I don’t usually order entrees since they are usually heavy handed and way too huge of portion and I get all disappointed.  I was kinda shocked that the salad was mishandled, too much dressing and way overpowering – note to self, start being the pain who asks for dressing on the side.  I also learned after from a friend that no one gets salad there.

From this menu our table had:

Seafood Empanadas – these were aces and had a really nice aioli  – we all wanted more.

Ceviche of shrimp, scallops and fish – this was also ace and had a nice very subtle heat, it almost apeared to be in a coconut milk, but wasn’t

Cornmeal Crusted Calamare  with an herbed aioli – this was a bit too greasy for my liking and bland, I didn’t eat much

Everyone else had entrees:

Two had the Conchas, which my mom liked, the husband said they was too much going on which if you read the description you would suspect: it was scallops stuffed with crab, then wrapped in prosciutto with paprika sweet potato puree and roasted cauliflower.  Holy a lot going on Batman!! Due to the prosciutto, I obvs did not try, but just looking at the description, I would have skipped the crab, made the sweet potatoes a mash with some bits of the prosciutto instead wrapping the scallops with it and , it was a minor amount of cauliflower, so fine leave it.  But that is just my lay-parson’s thought.

The other entrée was a standard bife de chorizo steak with chimichurri and appeared to be well prepared.  Dad liked it, the husband tried and said it was good.

I had the Cabra salad and like I said, it was a no.  It was chopped salad style with waaay to much dressing, too much goat cheese and both picked onion and scallion and was an onion bomb.  I am not a food sender-backer and had to have the husband taste it to see if it was just me being a pain in the ass, I really do just prefer a bit of lemon and decent oil on my salads,  or was it off.  He deemed it slightly off, my mom was ok with it.  I bucked up and ate it to save some time as the husband and I had plans for drinks out with some friends.  Besides, it had clearly been made ahead and I feared if I sent it back, I would just get the same thing back.  Oh well.

Why I just wrote out descriptions of a meal with no pictures is beyond me, but I guess if anyone is still reading…


So back to making foodstuffs, I luckily have some food to cook with at the moment while I wait for my Fresh Direct order to arrive tomorrow.  This is my current plan:

Monday: roasted broccoli rabe, cauliflower and tomatoes with polenta – I have these veg on hand and some kale for salad.

Tuesday: lentil stuffed mushrooms

Wednesday: gratin savoyard -yes, this has been on my on deck for the past couple of weeks, no, I have not made it yet.

Thursday: roasted asparagus with tomatoes and pasta or
pasta bake with spinach, red pepper, asparagus, mushrooms or
spinach, asparagus, red pepper, mushroom fritatta with roasted asparagus – am being indecisive, though will prolly do the fritatta route since I am trying to ease back on the gluten consumption at the moment.

Friday: burritos.


And since it is not Friday, but I just got off a plane and spent some time in the club lounge, I am thinking about this:

Club Lounging


Bonus, yeah I watched this last night! I squeeeeed!

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  1. oh no, it’s this fabled “squee” again. my first encounter with it was from EyeLaugh (look her site up here on WP) and all I can tell is that squeeing seems quite scary… from an unsuspecting male point of view

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