On Deck

The husband calls broccoli “little farty trees.” Why am I telling you this? See I can’t really eat broccoli, I can eat broccoli rabe, and broccolini, no problem, but broccoli, it just doesn’t always sit well with me, yet I sometimes eat it anyway. Like today. I had a quinoa salad for lunch that had tofu in it. It is one of these things made by V-Spot that is a vegan quinoa salad and I get it at Fresh Direct. Now the last time I had it,  it had like 1 or 2 pieces of broccoli and it was heavily cooked, and I had no problem. Today, it had a measly 2 tiny tofu cubes and a bunch of broccoli, but I didn’t pay much mind to it and ate it. Now, my insides have been revolting, for hours. It feels like I am being stabbed from the interior of my stomach and colon and i have taken like 6 pepto bismols now. This really really sux.

I used to be able to eat broccoli, I loved it raw, cooked, especially raw. Then one day many moons ago when I was say, 19 or 20, I ate some raw broccoli and almost immediately became violently ill. Vomiting. I thought I was just sick. I continued to eat broccoli and think that I had constant food poisoning, because like every time I would suddenly become violently ill after eating. Then it dawned on me, I was only getting sick after eating the broccoli and sure enough with some testing this theory, I realized, it is the broccoli and stopped eating it. I also discovered years later that many raw vegetables, save for carrots and tomatoes and lettuces do the same thing to me. I won’t becoming a raw foodist anytime soon.

So, yeah, “little farty trees.”  I IM’d the husband to tell him of my pain and mentioned the broccoli and the phase came into play (USB refers to this link I had IM’d him earlier):

me: my tummy hurts 😦
me: (sick)
the husband: 😦 why?
the husband: yeah, that usb thing is kinda cool…
me: no clue, it could have been my lunch. there was broccoli in it
the husband: doh!
the husband: little farty trees!!!
me: that is the kinda sick my tummy feels
the husband: sarah stay away!
the husband: unless they are very over-cooked….

Yeah, so broccoli, need to stay away.

So this is what is on deck for the week, the husband is away for biznass Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, so it is just me.

Friday: I’m so copping to this, though I should have some shame, but I love Shin Ramyun brand ramen. The spicy kind.  It is addicting and the msg flavor pack is like crack.  I tend to eat it when I am sick, but get a thing for it every so often.  Well I had one of those so often moments the other week and the husband had had dinner already for some reason but wanted a taste of mine. Suddenly, he decides he needs to make his own, yeah, it is like crack like that.  So I was all, you know what would be the bomb? If we got some Steamed vegetable dumplings from North and put them in the ramen soup! And the husband was all, oh hells yeah, I like your thinking.  So yeah, this is kinda embarrassing to admit, but that’s what we are doing tonight.  Oh Hells Yeah!

Saturday: we are out of pizza dough and should really make some, so that would mean we are having a Pizza Party, unless the husband decides he still wants burritos like he said the other day.  I am betting he will want to have a Pizza Party.

Sunday: Just me – I’m gonna make these spicy shrimp with avocado aioli sandwiches that I came upon a recipe for the other day.  I’ll end up with some leftover shrimp I can use in something else later.

Monday: I really want to just eat a ginormous kale salad since I can get away with it – I’ll do some sort of poached egg and mushrooms or something with it – sounds exciting, no?

Tuesday: Mushrooms stuffed with the lentils/rice leftover from the other day

Wednesday: vegetable frittata

Thursday:  Shrimp Fajitas with the leftover shrimp.


All this typing has actually made my stomach start to feel better again, either that or it was the 5th and 6th peptos I just took prior to starting this post.  So since it is Friday, am thinking about this – yeah looks like we are messy, but I was going to post a pic of the pepto bismol:


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