On Deck

I have a half day for work tomorrow because of the holiday weekend and I plan to get my nails did.  I also don’t plan on being around to do this, so I am doing it now.  This is going to be a rather boring set since I am kinda copying what I did last week since the husband wants the shrimp sandwiches, so I am gonna make those again.  I feel like I should do something futzy since I have an extra day off, but we’ll see.  This is my plan at the moment:

Friday:  not cooking

Saturday: Pizza Party

Sunday: Some sort of Tofu/Rice noodle veg stir fry with a garlic-ginger cashew sauce

Monday: Shrimp Sandwiches

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes

Wednesday: This Eggplant recipe looks pretty ace, I think I will try it.

Thursday: This lentil shepards pie also looks good, I think I will make this and switch it with Saturday or Sunday.

And even though it is Thursday, it is close enough to Friday and I am only at work for a couple hours tomorrow anyhow, and I am about to go and do this when I leave my desk, but it will be at Clandestino, not in Paris, I am thinking about this:


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