On Deck

Since I skipped the last couple weeks of doing an On Deck, I am going to try something different.  My On Deck was always half a start for me to get my grocery list in order, and part a figuring out what to make with some stuff I either already have on hand, or added to my sopping cart already because I it was either, a.) on sale, or b.) just something that sounded good.  Instead of recipes for the week, here is my current Fresh Direct order – I am lazy and like to have everything delivered.  I even window shop at home.  I had to explain this to the husband yesterday when he said to me after the 3rd box of shoes showed up in 2 days: “I think you just have to always be buying something.”  As i said to him, you see, I return most everything.  All the shoes went back, except for the leopard peep-toe lace up stilettos that I scored for 80% off, those are still at home, but in the box, I will probably return them, but needed to get a pedicure first.  The Alexander McQueen ankle boots though, those went back.  Too bad, but they were too small.  Anyway, So I was explaining to him, some people go to stores and window shop and try stuff on, I am too lazy for that and shop online, have it shipped, and do it at home.  Yeah, it is an extra step, I suppose I could just go to a store and try something on and leave, but that is more work than just having it arrive and looking at the item in the comfort of my home.  And I hate going to stores, it’s annoying.

So anyway, back to the something different. This is my Fresh direct order for the week at the moment.  I have some staples on hand – yes, Spanish smoked hot paprika is a staple along with 4 different types of sea salt!

Fresh Direct Order 3.16.12


Ignore all the beer – it was on sale and I was being nice to the husband who is hogging the TV with March Madness NCAA 24/7.  So instead of recipes, these are the things I am going to cook with for the week for the most part (not the ham, that is his too).


And since it is Friday, I just realized I am wearing bright green pants and luckily it is not March 17th, but am hoping that people don’t think I am getting an early start on amateur night and I am thinking about this:




3 Comments on “On Deck”

  1. shiv says:

    happy paddys day bombedpop. if i had green pants i’d wear em. i met two americans today on the train and made sure i was real nice to them. life is good. keep up the good work.

    • bombedpop says:

      Are you in BCN yet? It`s upcoming – no?

      • shiv says:

        27th april. my 40th. i’ll be in celler can roca for it. tickets the next night, 28th. i read online they are goin to take that 41 degrees experience to the next level with music and visuals. ‘frosted rain’ theyre calling it.

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