Vienna Calling

I have been remiss in posting lately and in the time gone have received some notes offering to update for me and some why you no post!!! *Long dumb reasons for lack of post at the end – I hate to start a post with a rant.

I have been away and instead of posting while vacationing (was trying to break the internets addiction on relax time), I am posting after the fact. Nearly two weeks after, though not long enough that my flight miles have credited to my account yet and not long enough that I can request the missing miles – BOOOOO United, when you were Continental I did not have to deal with this BS and I am meticulously tracking my travel and flex EQM miles to ensure I keep my gold status.

So we scrapped China (moving it to November) for a shorty trip – 7 days in Vienna, where I have been wanting to go to for ever, but always skipped because I was kinda stupid and could not find a rental flat in the ring and because out side the ring is often referred to as the “suburbs” thought that was not in the city. the Ring is only like a mile wide, so, uh, doh! on my stupidity. It took watching an episode of House Hunters International (TM) to um, get it. That and doing some travel reading. **Fully aware how dumb I sound.

We ended up renting a great flat off of Mariahilferstrasse : The flat was perfect with good layout and light and speedy wifi. The speedy wifi was essential and sometimes a lack in places we rent. It was super close to everything we wanted, Museumsquartier is a 5 minute walk away, and we barely left the hood and only ventured into the Innerstadt once when we walked home from dinner one night. Frankly, I saw no reason to go into the tourist zone, especially after that walk through where everything was mass market. Though, if you like that sorta thing, it was a few minutes walk.

Here’s just a shorty peek of what is to come in the days ahead (it is just too slow to pick through and upload the photos from my phone, so I am breaking this up).

Relaxing: Vienna is super pretty and relaxing and there are tons of outdoor gardens for drinks and eats and chill:

fig. 1 Outdoor AperolSpritzers!

Fig 2. Naschmarkt Wines and Dines and early evening Chillaxing!

Fig. 3 Heurigens! Inexpensive Good Wine Gardens!

Food: This is just a sneaky peek, but the food in Vienna is excellent and fresh and perfect. Hello May for Asparagus Season. And yes, in a garden:

Fig 1.1: White Asparagus Avocado Salad. And yes, it is Raw!

Kitsch and Art Fun:

Fig. 1.2 Falco lives on

Fig. 2.2 Double Entendres


Fig. 3.2 Funhouse Mirrors – Schlossquadrat (Note to Self: Brush hair)

Fig. 4.2 Adverts of the Absurd


Beauty and Architecture:

Fig. 1

Fig. 2.3


That’s it for the moment.  I guess I should have put the food at the end as an entice ment, but these will be the places I give a little write up on:

Glacis Beisl


Il Sestante – cuz what is a vacation without seeking Neapolitan pizza



Skopik & Lohn 

The husband was obsessed with 99 Luftballons the whole time, I had to keep saying, NO Berlin!!!!  It’s Falco in Vienna!!! Then we walked into a bar and it played.

Then at 2:30am we were walking by a bar and it was seemingly kinda closed, but there was a handful of people in there still, and yes, they really were listening to this:

And you know we repeated: “Hello, Vienna Calling” over and over again for like the rest of the week and maybe occasionally still.  Because We Are Dorks.

**Beyond being busy with work – May is event season, and spending large amounts of time at the gym, I decided to take a short sabbatical on this. I wasn’t making anything new, or at least significantly different from some of the things already posted, and frankly, I’m not looking for a book deal in writing this. I’m starting to think that every food blogger is auditioning for some mythical book deal, and it is sometimes frustrating to be the person that doesn’t bust out the DSLR camera to post pictures of the staged extensive meal, perfectly prop lit and supposedly prepared that same day.

I use an iphone, my lighting kinda sucks, the platings aren’t perfect. I post out of joy of cooking, drinking, eating, and traveling, nothing more and nothing less. Not posting was borne of frustration rather than embracing my Fresh Force, a lo-fi recipe, food, and travel diary. My place. More frustrating were the days in the past month where I made something I thought was awesome, but didn’t bother to catalog it, photograph it, write about it.

TL;DR Version: I have been negligent in posting – busy at work, some lack of new things, spending a lot of my free time at the gym, being a baby, went on vacay to Vienna and decided to avoid futzing on  internets while vacationing as a way to relax.


2 Comments on “Vienna Calling”

  1. bunnetto says:

    Ha, you did it allright and found all the places to go plus more! Like the Almdudler picture.

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