On Deck

I’ve been neglecting this space for the moment, not because I stopped cooking or got bored, it’s just that I am heavy into event season at work and am busy.  This week I had a bored (sic) meeting and an event and only got to the gym 4 days which is bugging me and yesterday was the day that I got in to the gym and the stupid “trainer” was there and was taking up like the whole weight area so i had to work around her and so I am at the cable cross and using both cables, while she is tying up 3 weight benches + the 2 open areas and I turn around to garb the back cable and my rope grip had been pulled off and I’m all “I was using that” and she has the nerve to be all “well, can’t we just use the one?”  You don’t need both” and I’m all thinking, but this is the only thing that I can use at the moment and arrrgh, I end up giving it to her and then she is talking about me to her client like I am in the way of their workout and I am standing there and can hear you guys!!!! so I had to abandon what I was doing since I was raging and just moved to the sit-up bench and did that. I seriously hate her  – mind you this is my building’s gym, not a business that she is using to conduct her business!!! So being all passive aggressive, because, well, that is how I roll here, the husband and I are going to start to do obnoxious exercise routines together and infringe on her space.  At least she does not seem to have clients on the weekend so tomorrow-sunday I will be free to use the gym like a normal person.  Oh, and she kicked another gym-goer off a bench after  she was done taking my space because she wanted to use it for her client.  Like how many benches does 1 person need to use?????

Anyhoo, I haven’t really made anything new which explains my lack of posting but these are things that will be made this week, and I downloaded a new shooting food photo app for my phone, so maybe my pictures will have less yellow/green cast from the green walls in my apt:

**Pizza Dough – we are out.  Will make Pizza Party with said dough, that and/or calzones, which I have not put up here yet but will.

**I saw this recipe for asparagus with poached egg sandwiches and they looked really good, except I did not like the cooking method for the asparagus and will change it and make them.

**Frittata with smoked Salmon.

**Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers – this was a Saveur recipe of the year and made with feta, not goat cheese and it was way to salty and cloying.  I could not figure out why it was a recipe of the year, but did figure out it would taste better if I used goat cheese instead of feta and was right. So this.

**Tofu Banh Mi – made these a couple weeks ago and they were very tasty, will make again cuz I have the pickled daikon/carrots to use up.

**Scallops with sauté of corn, bell pepper and zucchini.

That’s it.  I got work to do, but it is Friday, so I am thinking about this:

Seville Shots!



BTW: The husband says to me this morning: “I like your skirt”  – you know, like the way you say it to a friend or a random person on the street.   What husband does this? Or was it some passive way of saying “I see you bought even more clothes, don’t think I don’t notice you shop constantly.” Or am I just being a freak?  Hi Rob!


On Deck

Since I skipped the last couple weeks of doing an On Deck, I am going to try something different.  My On Deck was always half a start for me to get my grocery list in order, and part a figuring out what to make with some stuff I either already have on hand, or added to my sopping cart already because I it was either, a.) on sale, or b.) just something that sounded good.  Instead of recipes for the week, here is my current Fresh Direct order – I am lazy and like to have everything delivered.  I even window shop at home.  I had to explain this to the husband yesterday when he said to me after the 3rd box of shoes showed up in 2 days: “I think you just have to always be buying something.”  As i said to him, you see, I return most everything.  All the shoes went back, except for the leopard peep-toe lace up stilettos that I scored for 80% off, those are still at home, but in the box, I will probably return them, but needed to get a pedicure first.  The Alexander McQueen ankle boots though, those went back.  Too bad, but they were too small.  Anyway, So I was explaining to him, some people go to stores and window shop and try stuff on, I am too lazy for that and shop online, have it shipped, and do it at home.  Yeah, it is an extra step, I suppose I could just go to a store and try something on and leave, but that is more work than just having it arrive and looking at the item in the comfort of my home.  And I hate going to stores, it’s annoying.

So anyway, back to the something different. This is my Fresh direct order for the week at the moment.  I have some staples on hand – yes, Spanish smoked hot paprika is a staple along with 4 different types of sea salt!

Fresh Direct Order 3.16.12


Ignore all the beer – it was on sale and I was being nice to the husband who is hogging the TV with March Madness NCAA 24/7.  So instead of recipes, these are the things I am going to cook with for the week for the most part (not the ham, that is his too).


And since it is Friday, I just realized I am wearing bright green pants and luckily it is not March 17th, but am hoping that people don’t think I am getting an early start on amateur night and I am thinking about this:



Tofu Banh Mi Part 1 – Pickled Daikon and Lemongrass Marinade

Since it is pretty spring-y out, I decided that this week would be a sandwich week. That and I like sandwiches.  Tomato-Avocado, Shrimp, and Banh Mi.

The Banh Mi requires some prep, so I prepped it today and will make the rest later this week, like tomorrow. Prep here are the pickled carrots-daikon and I decided just to marinate the tofu overnight, because, why not?

I used the recipes here for reference, after staring at several different ones online.

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On Deck

I was trying to decide yesterday, when it was 60-ish degrees, whether I would just prefer that temperature year round.  The problem is that I like wearing a winter coat and I just got a new one in November  or was it December, whatevs, and I really like it but have not been able to wear it much of the season since it has been like 50 degrees all winter.  I’m not complaining, I hate snow and super cold, and I really hate the heat, so I guess if it were to be 4 sets of seasons or just 60-ish degrees all year, I’d take 60.  No, this has little to do with anything, just typing out the random conversation I had with myself yesterday.

On another tangent, since I just put on my coat to go outside, and every time I stand up today, I am reminded that this skirt I am wearing is like 7 pounds, for realz, and it would really look better with my winter coat rather than my leather trench.  And I really should have set my hair today cause it would all look better, but it is raining anyhow and it’s better off that I didn’t set my hair.  So anyway, this skirt is ginormously poufy and heavy and it’s from All Saints because I still sometimes dress like I’m still a 15 year old goth/punk girl, but one who now has cash, yet my blacks still don’t match and they just cranked the heat in my office and so I had to take off my hooded sweatshirt that has a hole in the elbow and I need to patch because I can’t find another one that is fitted and thin and does not have any labels/brand names on it and my shirt black is not the same as my skirt black is my point – gah! Yuppie problems!  Moving on, I should just put on some Morrissey and curl up on the floor and work these yuppie problems out.

Or I could just move on.

So, I didn’t make most of my on-deck last week – I stuck to standards – Shrimp Sandwiches again, roasted veg and polenta, kale salads, stuff, and I am kinda at a loss this week.  Hopefully I will come up with something as I type this.  I did have one sorta new, but I did not take any photos – decided to turn  Pizza Party! into calzones.  The husband was sceptical as the last and only attempt at calzones was last summer.  With our new grill.  That was gas. That we kinda didn’t know how to use yet.  And I insisted we could plop the raw calzones direct on the grill, no stone or anything.  Yeah, it busted open and just major FAILED all over the grill interior.  Ever since, the husband has given me the side eye when I mentioned calzone.  But these were perfect and save some time.  I’ll add these to this week and pic. them.

Ok so this is what I am thinking:

Friday: we keep putting off going to dinner at Fat Radish – I can’t get a res tonight, but it is like around the corner from my bar, so the husband is going to to walk over and put our names down and we’ll see if they call us to get in.

Saturday:  We are going to a birthday party and I’m not sure if we will need to cook as they usually have an elaborate spread of homemade indian food – samosas and other goodness.

Sunday:  I saw this penne pasta with basil mint pesto that I want to try – I’ll add in some broccoli rabe.

Monday:  Roasted cauliflower fritatta that I found on a commenter’s blog, and will link back to when I find it.    Found it!!

Tuesday: I also saw this  – these peanut noodles which I will heavily change up because I think most of his recipes are kinda bland and I am going to use soba noodles instead and swap the peanuts for cashews.

Wednesday: Calzones

Thursday: Polenta with roasted eggplant and asparagus.

Ok – so I came up with some things to make.  And now since it is Friday I am thinking about this:

Madrid Balcony Chillaxing

I am also very pleased to have finally scored Pulp tickets after not being able to get the first time around, but they added another date and even though I forgot to go on at noon when they went on sale because my outlook calendar failed to pop up and remind me, I remembered at 2:3o and they were not moving so fast, probably because the scalpers couldn’t buy them all up as tix are for this day are only for will call with match ID.  Yay!

On Deck

I have a half day for work tomorrow because of the holiday weekend and I plan to get my nails did.  I also don’t plan on being around to do this, so I am doing it now.  This is going to be a rather boring set since I am kinda copying what I did last week since the husband wants the shrimp sandwiches, so I am gonna make those again.  I feel like I should do something futzy since I have an extra day off, but we’ll see.  This is my plan at the moment:

Friday:  not cooking

Saturday: Pizza Party

Sunday: Some sort of Tofu/Rice noodle veg stir fry with a garlic-ginger cashew sauce

Monday: Shrimp Sandwiches

Tuesday: Salmon Cakes

Wednesday: This Eggplant recipe looks pretty ace, I think I will try it.

Thursday: This lentil shepards pie also looks good, I think I will make this and switch it with Saturday or Sunday.

And even though it is Thursday, it is close enough to Friday and I am only at work for a couple hours tomorrow anyhow, and I am about to go and do this when I leave my desk, but it will be at Clandestino, not in Paris, I am thinking about this:


On Deck

The husband calls broccoli “little farty trees.” Why am I telling you this? See I can’t really eat broccoli, I can eat broccoli rabe, and broccolini, no problem, but broccoli, it just doesn’t always sit well with me, yet I sometimes eat it anyway. Like today. I had a quinoa salad for lunch that had tofu in it. It is one of these things made by V-Spot that is a vegan quinoa salad and I get it at Fresh Direct. Now the last time I had it,  it had like 1 or 2 pieces of broccoli and it was heavily cooked, and I had no problem. Today, it had a measly 2 tiny tofu cubes and a bunch of broccoli, but I didn’t pay much mind to it and ate it. Now, my insides have been revolting, for hours. It feels like I am being stabbed from the interior of my stomach and colon and i have taken like 6 pepto bismols now. This really really sux.

I used to be able to eat broccoli, I loved it raw, cooked, especially raw. Then one day many moons ago when I was say, 19 or 20, I ate some raw broccoli and almost immediately became violently ill. Vomiting. I thought I was just sick. I continued to eat broccoli and think that I had constant food poisoning, because like every time I would suddenly become violently ill after eating. Then it dawned on me, I was only getting sick after eating the broccoli and sure enough with some testing this theory, I realized, it is the broccoli and stopped eating it. I also discovered years later that many raw vegetables, save for carrots and tomatoes and lettuces do the same thing to me. I won’t becoming a raw foodist anytime soon.

So, yeah, “little farty trees.”  I IM’d the husband to tell him of my pain and mentioned the broccoli and the phase came into play (USB refers to this link I had IM’d him earlier):

me: my tummy hurts 😦
me: (sick)
the husband: 😦 why?
the husband: yeah, that usb thing is kinda cool…
me: no clue, it could have been my lunch. there was broccoli in it
the husband: doh!
the husband: little farty trees!!!
me: that is the kinda sick my tummy feels
the husband: sarah stay away!
the husband: unless they are very over-cooked….

Yeah, so broccoli, need to stay away.

So this is what is on deck for the week, the husband is away for biznass Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, so it is just me.

Friday: I’m so copping to this, though I should have some shame, but I love Shin Ramyun brand ramen. The spicy kind.  It is addicting and the msg flavor pack is like crack.  I tend to eat it when I am sick, but get a thing for it every so often.  Well I had one of those so often moments the other week and the husband had had dinner already for some reason but wanted a taste of mine. Suddenly, he decides he needs to make his own, yeah, it is like crack like that.  So I was all, you know what would be the bomb? If we got some Steamed vegetable dumplings from North and put them in the ramen soup! And the husband was all, oh hells yeah, I like your thinking.  So yeah, this is kinda embarrassing to admit, but that’s what we are doing tonight.  Oh Hells Yeah!

Saturday: we are out of pizza dough and should really make some, so that would mean we are having a Pizza Party, unless the husband decides he still wants burritos like he said the other day.  I am betting he will want to have a Pizza Party.

Sunday: Just me – I’m gonna make these spicy shrimp with avocado aioli sandwiches that I came upon a recipe for the other day.  I’ll end up with some leftover shrimp I can use in something else later.

Monday: I really want to just eat a ginormous kale salad since I can get away with it – I’ll do some sort of poached egg and mushrooms or something with it – sounds exciting, no?

Tuesday: Mushrooms stuffed with the lentils/rice leftover from the other day

Wednesday: vegetable frittata

Thursday:  Shrimp Fajitas with the leftover shrimp.


All this typing has actually made my stomach start to feel better again, either that or it was the 5th and 6th peptos I just took prior to starting this post.  So since it is Friday, am thinking about this – yeah looks like we are messy, but I was going to post a pic of the pepto bismol:


Late Deck

I didn’t do an On Deck this week.  The husband had a biz-nass trip for a conference to Minneapolis and I decided to tag along and see my family and friends since I never go there and have not been in years and years and years. It seemed to make sense to do take a long weekend and do it and luckily it was snowless and 40 degrees.  My mom made me a lovely dinner on Friday of a super rare seared tuna with wasabi aioli, lemon zested basmati rice and a simple salad.  On Saturday, we did have a dinner out, at Cafe Ena but I didn’t take any pics.  My salad was a loser anyhow but the starters were great – I don’t usually order entrees since they are usually heavy handed and way too huge of portion and I get all disappointed.  I was kinda shocked that the salad was mishandled, too much dressing and way overpowering – note to self, start being the pain who asks for dressing on the side.  I also learned after from a friend that no one gets salad there.

From this menu our table had:

Seafood Empanadas – these were aces and had a really nice aioli  – we all wanted more.

Ceviche of shrimp, scallops and fish – this was also ace and had a nice very subtle heat, it almost apeared to be in a coconut milk, but wasn’t

Cornmeal Crusted Calamare  with an herbed aioli – this was a bit too greasy for my liking and bland, I didn’t eat much

Everyone else had entrees:

Two had the Conchas, which my mom liked, the husband said they was too much going on which if you read the description you would suspect: it was scallops stuffed with crab, then wrapped in prosciutto with paprika sweet potato puree and roasted cauliflower.  Holy a lot going on Batman!! Due to the prosciutto, I obvs did not try, but just looking at the description, I would have skipped the crab, made the sweet potatoes a mash with some bits of the prosciutto instead wrapping the scallops with it and , it was a minor amount of cauliflower, so fine leave it.  But that is just my lay-parson’s thought.

The other entrée was a standard bife de chorizo steak with chimichurri and appeared to be well prepared.  Dad liked it, the husband tried and said it was good.

I had the Cabra salad and like I said, it was a no.  It was chopped salad style with waaay to much dressing, too much goat cheese and both picked onion and scallion and was an onion bomb.  I am not a food sender-backer and had to have the husband taste it to see if it was just me being a pain in the ass, I really do just prefer a bit of lemon and decent oil on my salads,  or was it off.  He deemed it slightly off, my mom was ok with it.  I bucked up and ate it to save some time as the husband and I had plans for drinks out with some friends.  Besides, it had clearly been made ahead and I feared if I sent it back, I would just get the same thing back.  Oh well.

Why I just wrote out descriptions of a meal with no pictures is beyond me, but I guess if anyone is still reading…


So back to making foodstuffs, I luckily have some food to cook with at the moment while I wait for my Fresh Direct order to arrive tomorrow.  This is my current plan:

Monday: roasted broccoli rabe, cauliflower and tomatoes with polenta – I have these veg on hand and some kale for salad.

Tuesday: lentil stuffed mushrooms

Wednesday: gratin savoyard -yes, this has been on my on deck for the past couple of weeks, no, I have not made it yet.

Thursday: roasted asparagus with tomatoes and pasta or
pasta bake with spinach, red pepper, asparagus, mushrooms or
spinach, asparagus, red pepper, mushroom fritatta with roasted asparagus – am being indecisive, though will prolly do the fritatta route since I am trying to ease back on the gluten consumption at the moment.

Friday: burritos.


And since it is not Friday, but I just got off a plane and spent some time in the club lounge, I am thinking about this:

Club Lounging


Bonus, yeah I watched this last night! I squeeeeed!