Pizza and Philanthropy

I’ve been neglectful.  Very neglectful. But I have been cooking, I have also been battling bronchitis and all week have been doing double duty cleaning out the freezer and killing off the leftovers by eating all the soups I have mad over the winter that I froze for later.

I did have a massive cookfest over the weekend.  The husband and I are team captains for NAMIWalks NYC which benefits individuals and families living with mental illness.  We were recipients of a $100 stipend from Fresh Direct to host a dinner party and if you read this, you know I pretty much only shop the lazy way – online with everything delivered.  With the exception of Market Hall Foods for my specialty items – imported flours and salts and spices and olive oils,  Fresh Direct is my go to for food.  I was pretty jazzed to be chosen to host.   I decided, to use it to host a party for the walk team, though we were sadly missing a team member who was away and could not attend.

We had a fancy Pizza Party.  I was a little worried at with having a Pizza Party since you can only do 1 at a time, but it worked great!  I bought the major major pizza cutter which has totes changed my life and I would highly recommend! It made cutting the pizzas small for cocktail eating perfect.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation online towards my walk effort.  Any amount is appreciated and all donations will go towards funding NAMI’s free education and support programs.

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Basil Mint Pesto

I can`t say I really made anything today. Instead I prepped the rest of the weeks meals and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a ginormous kale salad. My grilled cheese was not as fancy as the ones that I saw Ina make while watching the Barefoot Contessa at the gym today. Yeah, I watched a cooking show at the gym, but it was 4pm and nothing else was on, so yeah, I did the weird thing and watched cooking shows, which is rather odd.

At a loss when I got home, I decided to prep out the rest of the week because I was flying solo for dinner and didn`t want to make something with a ton of leftovers so this worked. This is on my On Deck and is a slightly modified Sicilian Pesto Batalli recipe.

NB This makes a whole lot of pesto – close to 3 cups, I’m going to go back in and freeze at least half so it keeps.  Also gonna try it on grilled cheese sandwiches.


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Polenta with Tomatoes and Artichokes and Some Random

I am playing catch up this week. Lots of catch up. Worse, I am getting a cold again. For realz this time. But I have a 9-6 event tomorrow so no time for that. The problem with vacations, for me at least, is that I am so used to not eating prepared foods at this point that my immune system goes haywire from the germs or something and I get a cold. That and vacation from work just means more work to catch up to.

I still have some Barcelona posts to catch up on too but here are some things I made this week and I have an On Deck ready for tomorrow. But crap, I will be out of the office all day tomorrow so it may not get posted til Saturday. And I have not gotten to the gym this week. Saturday. *sigh*


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A Day of Cooking…

Finally getting a glass of wine in and posting some pictures I have been taking of the foods I have been cooking for tonight`s dinner party.

Real post and descriptions to follow…


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