Vienna Calling

I have been remiss in posting lately and in the time gone have received some notes offering to update for me and some why you no post!!! *Long dumb reasons for lack of post at the end – I hate to start a post with a rant.

I have been away and instead of posting while vacationing (was trying to break the internets addiction on relax time), I am posting after the fact. Nearly two weeks after, though not long enough that my flight miles have credited to my account yet and not long enough that I can request the missing miles – BOOOOO United, when you were Continental I did not have to deal with this BS and I am meticulously tracking my travel and flex EQM miles to ensure I keep my gold status.

So we scrapped China (moving it to November) for a shorty trip – 7 days in Vienna, where I have been wanting to go to for ever, but always skipped because I was kinda stupid and could not find a rental flat in the ring and because out side the ring is often referred to as the “suburbs” thought that was not in the city. the Ring is only like a mile wide, so, uh, doh! on my stupidity. It took watching an episode of House Hunters International (TM) to um, get it. That and doing some travel reading. **Fully aware how dumb I sound.

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On Deck

I’ve been neglecting this space for the moment, not because I stopped cooking or got bored, it’s just that I am heavy into event season at work and am busy.  This week I had a bored (sic) meeting and an event and only got to the gym 4 days which is bugging me and yesterday was the day that I got in to the gym and the stupid “trainer” was there and was taking up like the whole weight area so i had to work around her and so I am at the cable cross and using both cables, while she is tying up 3 weight benches + the 2 open areas and I turn around to garb the back cable and my rope grip had been pulled off and I’m all “I was using that” and she has the nerve to be all “well, can’t we just use the one?”  You don’t need both” and I’m all thinking, but this is the only thing that I can use at the moment and arrrgh, I end up giving it to her and then she is talking about me to her client like I am in the way of their workout and I am standing there and can hear you guys!!!! so I had to abandon what I was doing since I was raging and just moved to the sit-up bench and did that. I seriously hate her  – mind you this is my building’s gym, not a business that she is using to conduct her business!!! So being all passive aggressive, because, well, that is how I roll here, the husband and I are going to start to do obnoxious exercise routines together and infringe on her space.  At least she does not seem to have clients on the weekend so tomorrow-sunday I will be free to use the gym like a normal person.  Oh, and she kicked another gym-goer off a bench after  she was done taking my space because she wanted to use it for her client.  Like how many benches does 1 person need to use?????

Anyhoo, I haven’t really made anything new which explains my lack of posting but these are things that will be made this week, and I downloaded a new shooting food photo app for my phone, so maybe my pictures will have less yellow/green cast from the green walls in my apt:

**Pizza Dough – we are out.  Will make Pizza Party with said dough, that and/or calzones, which I have not put up here yet but will.

**I saw this recipe for asparagus with poached egg sandwiches and they looked really good, except I did not like the cooking method for the asparagus and will change it and make them.

**Frittata with smoked Salmon.

**Goat Cheese Stuffed Peppers – this was a Saveur recipe of the year and made with feta, not goat cheese and it was way to salty and cloying.  I could not figure out why it was a recipe of the year, but did figure out it would taste better if I used goat cheese instead of feta and was right. So this.

**Tofu Banh Mi – made these a couple weeks ago and they were very tasty, will make again cuz I have the pickled daikon/carrots to use up.

**Scallops with sauté of corn, bell pepper and zucchini.

That’s it.  I got work to do, but it is Friday, so I am thinking about this:

Seville Shots!



BTW: The husband says to me this morning: “I like your skirt”  – you know, like the way you say it to a friend or a random person on the street.   What husband does this? Or was it some passive way of saying “I see you bought even more clothes, don’t think I don’t notice you shop constantly.” Or am I just being a freak?  Hi Rob!

On Deck

The husband calls broccoli “little farty trees.” Why am I telling you this? See I can’t really eat broccoli, I can eat broccoli rabe, and broccolini, no problem, but broccoli, it just doesn’t always sit well with me, yet I sometimes eat it anyway. Like today. I had a quinoa salad for lunch that had tofu in it. It is one of these things made by V-Spot that is a vegan quinoa salad and I get it at Fresh Direct. Now the last time I had it,  it had like 1 or 2 pieces of broccoli and it was heavily cooked, and I had no problem. Today, it had a measly 2 tiny tofu cubes and a bunch of broccoli, but I didn’t pay much mind to it and ate it. Now, my insides have been revolting, for hours. It feels like I am being stabbed from the interior of my stomach and colon and i have taken like 6 pepto bismols now. This really really sux.

I used to be able to eat broccoli, I loved it raw, cooked, especially raw. Then one day many moons ago when I was say, 19 or 20, I ate some raw broccoli and almost immediately became violently ill. Vomiting. I thought I was just sick. I continued to eat broccoli and think that I had constant food poisoning, because like every time I would suddenly become violently ill after eating. Then it dawned on me, I was only getting sick after eating the broccoli and sure enough with some testing this theory, I realized, it is the broccoli and stopped eating it. I also discovered years later that many raw vegetables, save for carrots and tomatoes and lettuces do the same thing to me. I won’t becoming a raw foodist anytime soon.

So, yeah, “little farty trees.”  I IM’d the husband to tell him of my pain and mentioned the broccoli and the phase came into play (USB refers to this link I had IM’d him earlier):

me: my tummy hurts 😦
me: (sick)
the husband: 😦 why?
the husband: yeah, that usb thing is kinda cool…
me: no clue, it could have been my lunch. there was broccoli in it
the husband: doh!
the husband: little farty trees!!!
me: that is the kinda sick my tummy feels
the husband: sarah stay away!
the husband: unless they are very over-cooked….

Yeah, so broccoli, need to stay away.

So this is what is on deck for the week, the husband is away for biznass Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, so it is just me.

Friday: I’m so copping to this, though I should have some shame, but I love Shin Ramyun brand ramen. The spicy kind.  It is addicting and the msg flavor pack is like crack.  I tend to eat it when I am sick, but get a thing for it every so often.  Well I had one of those so often moments the other week and the husband had had dinner already for some reason but wanted a taste of mine. Suddenly, he decides he needs to make his own, yeah, it is like crack like that.  So I was all, you know what would be the bomb? If we got some Steamed vegetable dumplings from North and put them in the ramen soup! And the husband was all, oh hells yeah, I like your thinking.  So yeah, this is kinda embarrassing to admit, but that’s what we are doing tonight.  Oh Hells Yeah!

Saturday: we are out of pizza dough and should really make some, so that would mean we are having a Pizza Party, unless the husband decides he still wants burritos like he said the other day.  I am betting he will want to have a Pizza Party.

Sunday: Just me – I’m gonna make these spicy shrimp with avocado aioli sandwiches that I came upon a recipe for the other day.  I’ll end up with some leftover shrimp I can use in something else later.

Monday: I really want to just eat a ginormous kale salad since I can get away with it – I’ll do some sort of poached egg and mushrooms or something with it – sounds exciting, no?

Tuesday: Mushrooms stuffed with the lentils/rice leftover from the other day

Wednesday: vegetable frittata

Thursday:  Shrimp Fajitas with the leftover shrimp.


All this typing has actually made my stomach start to feel better again, either that or it was the 5th and 6th peptos I just took prior to starting this post.  So since it is Friday, am thinking about this – yeah looks like we are messy, but I was going to post a pic of the pepto bismol:


Barcelona 8

It was our last day in barcelona and it all went astray. The husband finally got a full blown stomach flu and was down for the count. Or rather puking his guts out.

I went out to get to do some last minute stuff in the afternoon. Namely check out the kitty garden and grab some lunch. The kitties, it turns out, were not accessible and I could only stare at them longingly throughout the fence. So I went to read a mag and then walk around.

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Roasted Beets + Marco Pierre White

I really enjoyed The Devil in the Kitchen, so imagine my disappointment when I started being inundated with Marco Pierre White starring in ads for Knorr.  Worse, the upshot of the ad is that he pretends to use the preservative laden product in restaurants, which he, like every other “star chef,” don’t actually cook in, and worse, like he uses it in cooking at home.   Maybe I am naïve (see Hal Hartley), but I kinda liked that White publicly stopped ended his restaurant chef career to pursue more money in endorsements/ad revenue/tv/etc.   You know, I kinda respected the honesty, unlike every other name brand chef.  But, now he’s pretending to work in the kitchen with this Knorr business. I`m disappointed.

Edit: a quick search today led me to this, and also that he has been shelling for them for years, the US ads are just new.  Oops, though, still am  disappointed.

Now on to the beets.


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