Late Deck

I didn’t do an On Deck this week.  The husband had a biz-nass trip for a conference to Minneapolis and I decided to tag along and see my family and friends since I never go there and have not been in years and years and years. It seemed to make sense to do take a long weekend and do it and luckily it was snowless and 40 degrees.  My mom made me a lovely dinner on Friday of a super rare seared tuna with wasabi aioli, lemon zested basmati rice and a simple salad.  On Saturday, we did have a dinner out, at Cafe Ena but I didn’t take any pics.  My salad was a loser anyhow but the starters were great – I don’t usually order entrees since they are usually heavy handed and way too huge of portion and I get all disappointed.  I was kinda shocked that the salad was mishandled, too much dressing and way overpowering – note to self, start being the pain who asks for dressing on the side.  I also learned after from a friend that no one gets salad there.

From this menu our table had:

Seafood Empanadas – these were aces and had a really nice aioli  – we all wanted more.

Ceviche of shrimp, scallops and fish – this was also ace and had a nice very subtle heat, it almost apeared to be in a coconut milk, but wasn’t

Cornmeal Crusted Calamare  with an herbed aioli – this was a bit too greasy for my liking and bland, I didn’t eat much

Everyone else had entrees:

Two had the Conchas, which my mom liked, the husband said they was too much going on which if you read the description you would suspect: it was scallops stuffed with crab, then wrapped in prosciutto with paprika sweet potato puree and roasted cauliflower.  Holy a lot going on Batman!! Due to the prosciutto, I obvs did not try, but just looking at the description, I would have skipped the crab, made the sweet potatoes a mash with some bits of the prosciutto instead wrapping the scallops with it and , it was a minor amount of cauliflower, so fine leave it.  But that is just my lay-parson’s thought.

The other entrée was a standard bife de chorizo steak with chimichurri and appeared to be well prepared.  Dad liked it, the husband tried and said it was good.

I had the Cabra salad and like I said, it was a no.  It was chopped salad style with waaay to much dressing, too much goat cheese and both picked onion and scallion and was an onion bomb.  I am not a food sender-backer and had to have the husband taste it to see if it was just me being a pain in the ass, I really do just prefer a bit of lemon and decent oil on my salads,  or was it off.  He deemed it slightly off, my mom was ok with it.  I bucked up and ate it to save some time as the husband and I had plans for drinks out with some friends.  Besides, it had clearly been made ahead and I feared if I sent it back, I would just get the same thing back.  Oh well.

Why I just wrote out descriptions of a meal with no pictures is beyond me, but I guess if anyone is still reading…


So back to making foodstuffs, I luckily have some food to cook with at the moment while I wait for my Fresh Direct order to arrive tomorrow.  This is my current plan:

Monday: roasted broccoli rabe, cauliflower and tomatoes with polenta – I have these veg on hand and some kale for salad.

Tuesday: lentil stuffed mushrooms

Wednesday: gratin savoyard -yes, this has been on my on deck for the past couple of weeks, no, I have not made it yet.

Thursday: roasted asparagus with tomatoes and pasta or
pasta bake with spinach, red pepper, asparagus, mushrooms or
spinach, asparagus, red pepper, mushroom fritatta with roasted asparagus – am being indecisive, though will prolly do the fritatta route since I am trying to ease back on the gluten consumption at the moment.

Friday: burritos.


And since it is not Friday, but I just got off a plane and spent some time in the club lounge, I am thinking about this:

Club Lounging


Bonus, yeah I watched this last night! I squeeeeed!


Barcelona 8

It was our last day in barcelona and it all went astray. The husband finally got a full blown stomach flu and was down for the count. Or rather puking his guts out.

I went out to get to do some last minute stuff in the afternoon. Namely check out the kitty garden and grab some lunch. The kitties, it turns out, were not accessible and I could only stare at them longingly throughout the fence. So I went to read a mag and then walk around.

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Barcelona 7

We did our 1 touristy thing today and went to the Sagrada Familia. I hate churches and was sorta shamed into going but this is not a regular church.

We bought our tix online and picked them up at the ATM but once we got there and to the elevator, found out that we did not have the 2,50€ passes for it and it was sold out. Kinda irritating cuz there was no option to buy online and the husband was disappointed. No worries, it was a sunny day so I took some pics.




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41 Degrees Barcelona

41 Grados/41 Degrees is Ferran Adria‘s new-ish place that is 41 courses plus some cocktail matches and riffs on the old menu at El Bulli. We never could get to El Bulli and barely could get in here, but we found another couple who had a res for 4 and were able to share on theirs which was super!

This was our bank breaker at 140€ each plus a 23€ bottle of wine. The total bill was ~360€.  Luckily, our dining companions indulged my food picture taking. Unfortch the lighting sucked and my pics are not the best but here they are.




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Barcelona 4

I am behind on my postings so will make this one a shorty. Tuesday we woke up late and had lunch at El Fortuny which I recommend. We were able to change our dinner res at HISOP to evening as well.






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Barcelona 3

It rained all day. I also was dumb and was up til 6am and slept til 12:30. We got up and ended up having an average menu del dia across from the MBAC museum. I forgot my phone so pics are on the husbands and really who cares. We did a major wander around then stopped to grab wind and stuff at the boqueria, but all the stalls were closed and the wine shop was having the floors refinished.

A fail.

Back at the ok corral, aka apt, we decided what to do for the night and I took a short nap.

Since it was rainy the husband decided we try cal pep or bust figuring line would be low. Or at least lower than they say.


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Barcelona 2

We actually got up and went to lunch today. Goal was Kaiku but our only choice was an outside table when we called ahead before we left. All good, it’s 66 degrees, right. Ummm. Yeah. It is windier and colder at the beach. But if the windsurfers could deals so could we. 20111121-035234.jpg

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