Fregula with Clams and Tomatoes

Love this! This is my 2nd time making. I use Rustichella d`Abruzzo brand of fregula. MY changes are to steam the clams in a mix of wine and water, 8 cloves garlic + 1 whole onion, add a zucchini and cook the tomatoes and zucchini with the onion/garlic, 2 cups fregula, 36 clams, 2 bottles clam juice (if needed, I did the 1st time, did not the 2nd,). Also added some basil since I have it growing.  Try it!


Fresh Fava Bean – Arugula Pesto/Spread

Just prepping some fava beans today. Since I started prepping, might as well make the whole thing.  So I bought a pound of fava beans because they are in their brief season and decided, why not. The thing is that they are some work to get ready. Since I have nothing better to do here`s a prep of favas and the subequent pesto or spread I made with them.  I added some arugula and this would be good on pasta, or stir in a spoonful to your side of rice, or just use as a spread on some crostini.  As an added bonus, my extra effort made my Fitbit tell me `YOU ROCK` as I started to actually make the pesto.  Make this and you can too ROCK.


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Pizza and Philanthropy

I’ve been neglectful.  Very neglectful. But I have been cooking, I have also been battling bronchitis and all week have been doing double duty cleaning out the freezer and killing off the leftovers by eating all the soups I have mad over the winter that I froze for later.

I did have a massive cookfest over the weekend.  The husband and I are team captains for NAMIWalks NYC which benefits individuals and families living with mental illness.  We were recipients of a $100 stipend from Fresh Direct to host a dinner party and if you read this, you know I pretty much only shop the lazy way – online with everything delivered.  With the exception of Market Hall Foods for my specialty items – imported flours and salts and spices and olive oils,  Fresh Direct is my go to for food.  I was pretty jazzed to be chosen to host.   I decided, to use it to host a party for the walk team, though we were sadly missing a team member who was away and could not attend.

We had a fancy Pizza Party.  I was a little worried at with having a Pizza Party since you can only do 1 at a time, but it worked great!  I bought the major major pizza cutter which has totes changed my life and I would highly recommend! It made cutting the pizzas small for cocktail eating perfect.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation online towards my walk effort.  Any amount is appreciated and all donations will go towards funding NAMI’s free education and support programs.

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Just reblogging today. Interesting analysis, the Vogue author provides a fairly accurate portrait of the unfortunate relationship that a majority of women have with food.

The Healthy Revival

I admire those in the world of journalism, especially those who call upon their own life for the sake of artistic expression.  It takes an immense amount of talent to string together simple words and convey a powerful message that can be meaningful to the reader.  I applaud those who have achieved success in this profession and encourage those who may not be at the apex of their careers to never let rejection detour from passion.  Having said this, one widely read publication recently spit in the eye of professional writing and ethical publishing and I am here to pick some bones.  I promise, I don’t view this blog as an opinion box from my innermost disgust, but the world of nutrition is becoming a complex place and there’s a lot of people out there doing the wrong things.  It’s my job to point out these errors. Okay, it’s…

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On Deck and Edible Gifting: Infused Vodkas & Extra Virgin Hot Chili Oil

I`m combining posts cuz I am lazy and at home at the moment. It was a ridiculous day for me since the office closed for holiday at 2, I didn`t get there until 10:45 and I had a meeting off site with my board chair at noon, so I only really went in to grab the stuff for our meeting and was at work for a grand total of 75 minutes. Ok, so yeah, I did go to work late, but even if I got there at 10, I would have only been there for like, 100 minutes, so, yeah, dumb.

Anyhoo, this year I did all foodstuffs for gifts, some were my favorites products with recipe cards and some stuff I made. Here are a few things.

I started with a Rosemary-Meyer Lemon Vodka. It became on it`s own, pretty close to a limoncello, but without the simple syrup – it`s pretty sweet naturally and became a bit more viscous, like a liqueur, but go ahead and add the simple syrup if you want. This is redonkulously easy.

What I used:

4 -5 Meyer Lemons

2 5 inch sprigs Rosemary

Vodka, I used Stoli, even though my go to is Luksusowa. Whatevs, just use a decent vodka, something you would drink straight or with perrier/soda

A Big Mason Jar, I think it was like 32 OZ

Some bottles for packaging – these from The Container Store are dirt cheap and if you are in Manhattan, they will messenger them to you. Guess how they came to me? Hint, I am lazy and delivery service is my friend.

A funnel

What I did:

Clean the lemons since you are using the whole thing. Slice them all up skins on and all. With the meyer lemons, you don`t have to worry about pith ruining the drink and making it bitter.


Put the lemons in the in the jar, put the rosemary in the jar whole. Pour vodka to the top. Screw the lid on and shake it. Put it in the refrigerator 3 days-up to 2 weeks. It will get more infused the more you leave it in there. Every time you go into the refrigerator to do something, pull out the jar and shake it. Taste it after a few days and see how you like it. I pulled my first batch off after 5 days and bottled it as a gift and left the rest in for another 2 weeks. The the longer infused batch has more color and is more like a liqueur, The early batch was more like a standard infused vodka.

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On Deck

This will be short.  I am super busy for with work since my fall gala event that I am working on in in a week and a half.  At least my end of November Barcelona tickets and apt are booked and ready.

I’m not sure really how much I’m going to get through after Sunday, but this is the plan at the moment:

Pad Thai

Vegetable Fritatta with Wild Rice

Tuna Casserole, sounds vile, but is actually really good and not from a can!

Soup -The Tuscan Veg?  I need to make a soup since it will provide a ton of leftovers for later meals
Polenta with Roasted Tomatoes and Asparagus
Pizza party
The husband said he would cook for me this week, but I’m not so sure.  I offered to turn over the reigns and let him guest blog if his cooking comes to fruition.
Anyhoo, since it’s Friday, I’m thinking of this:

Hair and Fashion and Stuff

I`m now all about the hair set again and obsessing over it.

I used to always set my hair like 10 years ago and got lazy. Am less lazy and the set is my new hair and I just want to buy up every 40s look ~midi~ dress right now.


Blonde Joan!

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