Stocking Your Bar

This is our Dry Bar, right after we converted it to a dry bar.  It used to be a 50s cabinet TV that the husband had found abandoned.  He took the TV out, hinged in a door and refinished it and used to house a stereo system.  I decided it should be a bar, cuz, stereos now live through the computer and  internets.  So we got some under cabinet lights from IKEA, had some glass and mirror cut for shelves and the base, and voilà – a dry bar is born.

This has way more in it now than then – this was 2-ish years ago, my flickr acct say June 2009.  So yeah.  I’ll come back to add more on properly stocking the bar.

This does not depict a properly stocked bar  - more of a starter with essentials!


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