Polenta with Tomatoes and Artichokes and Some Random

I am playing catch up this week. Lots of catch up. Worse, I am getting a cold again. For realz this time. But I have a 9-6 event tomorrow so no time for that. The problem with vacations, for me at least, is that I am so used to not eating prepared foods at this point that my immune system goes haywire from the germs or something and I get a cold. That and vacation from work just means more work to catch up to.

I still have some Barcelona posts to catch up on too but here are some things I made this week and I have an On Deck ready for tomorrow. But crap, I will be out of the office all day tomorrow so it may not get posted til Saturday. And I have not gotten to the gym this week. Saturday. *sigh*


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Speedy All In One Fresh Pasta

Jeez I worked a long day. But I still managed to do it. The husband grabbed some fresh dumplings from North but I was so late I decided to hold them for lunch tomorrow and make this. it took all of 15 min and I have some pesto made for a crap-ton of meals later.

Fresh pasta from the CSA, cherry tomatoes, some remnants of cambezola and boucheron, made a spinach pesto and salad. All in one.


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Italian-esque Tuna Rice Salad

I used to shop at Todaro Brothers, an Italian small grocer/ Specialty foods shop as I lived in the neighborhood. While they had great selection of imported foods and nice produce and bread and stuff, their prepared foods were the bomb. Fresh and fairly inexpensive as far as that goes. They had an Italian tuna salad that I bought to bring to the US Open like 12 or 13 years ago, when Capriatti had that not-so-comeback and the Williams sisters still wore hair-beads and there were no sexy men, i.e. Federer in the game, so however long ago that was. I also thought, I can make this. I added rice to mine to make it more of a meal and made it to death when I was eating gluten free. This means I hadn’t added it beck into rotation forever until about 2 moths ago when there was the heat wave and I remembered that I used to make this. Luckily the husband had forgotten that I used to make this like every single day.

It’s fast, simple and is pretty much comprised all of just kitchen/pantry staples. It also makes a ton and can be eaten hot, warm, or room temperature. Perfect for a humid late summer night, and perfect to make post work and after-work workout.


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Polenta with a Kinda-Fall Summer Ragu

So I did my first CSA shift today and ugh. I was left for the first half hour with the cool parents and their screaming faux hawked fresh from charter school kids. I was charged with fixing the tare on the scale after the kids would mess it up. Finally, after I thought there was no way I could stand here for an hour and a half, I was given the clipboard to check off names. Yay. Something better to do. And all the kids were gone. This whole routine let me exhausted so I skipped the gym for a glass of wine.

I decided to make something out of nothing, meaning I had some produce that needed attention: summer squash shitake mushrooms and a very ripe tomato. A summer Ragu with a nod to fall with some white truffle oil I just procured for the florentine eggs I still have not made cuz I need to get ramekins and can’t decide if 10 oz is the right size. And they are white. I don’t want white. *sigh* yuppie problems.


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