Vegetable Chickpea Bake

I happened upon this chickpea casserole over on and it looked promising. I`m finally getting around to trying it, though with some modifications. For one, it really had no veg in it and was veering towards kinda unhealthy and higher fat than I would have liked. When I saw it, I knew it definitely needed some spinach and artichoke hearts. Leeks would be good too. I added the former, but not the latter, I added additional shallots instead. I would add some diced red pepper for more color the next time as well. I added breadcrumbs, but this could easily be made gluten-free by wither omitting, or subbing with a gluten free product, like fried onion or shallot on top for crunch, or gluten-free breadcrumb.


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Healthier Mac and Cheese with leeks and Artichokes

Still fall-like out so it’s time to make mac and cheese. I got this recipe from and tweaked it. I first made it for the husband at the beginning of the year when I went back to eating dairy and gluten and I liked the lo-fat component to this one. Also I wanted to fool the husband with this. It uses less cheese, and skim milk with tofu as a binder. And it is good. He was fooled and it is now on rotation.

For some reason it calls for 8 oz of silken tofu it is sold in 16 oz quantities. What am i going to do with a half package of silken tofu? Yeah, toss it. That is just dumb. I don’t make smoothies or anything. So. Yeah.

After making it once, I decided to start doubling the Recipe of sauce so I would not waste and it saves some time. The sauce will keep for a week and a half for sure so you can quick come home and make it again the next time.


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