Fresh Fava Bean – Arugula Pesto/Spread

Just prepping some fava beans today. Since I started prepping, might as well make the whole thing.  So I bought a pound of fava beans because they are in their brief season and decided, why not. The thing is that they are some work to get ready. Since I have nothing better to do here`s a prep of favas and the subequent pesto or spread I made with them.  I added some arugula and this would be good on pasta, or stir in a spoonful to your side of rice, or just use as a spread on some crostini.  As an added bonus, my extra effort made my Fitbit tell me `YOU ROCK` as I started to actually make the pesto.  Make this and you can too ROCK.


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Roasted Monkfish with Olive Tapenade and Arugula-Garlic Mash

I am in the midst of cleaning out the fridge prior to vacation. Currently I am caramelizing onions since I accidentally bought a ton for an onion soup I changed my mind on making last Sunday, but these I can freeze. Since I had all the ends and I needed it, I am also making veg stock with all my veg remnants that I have been collecting in the freezer. I really should have roasted the veg for the stock, but got lazy, it will work anyway.

I am skipping the soup this week to minimize leftover food and found this recipe for monkfish on Jamie Oliver and decided to try, since monkfish was on sale at Fresh Direct this week. This was really nice, super fresh and Mediterranean tasting. Don`t omit the celery in the tapenade, it adds a really nice texture, but does not taste like celery. The tapenade is going to become a new staple, I can think of a bunch of things to do with it and it will keep in the fridge.



(my plating was a bit of a fail)

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