Pizza Party Redux Part 1

We`re gonna have a Pizza Party Tonight! Alright!

Well first we have to make some dough. The last Pizza Party had dough made, but it`s Saturday and dough needs to be made. The husband asked earlier today if we should start the dough. But the apt was not cleaned yet band gym not gone to. So we waited. As an aside, my friend Delphine just gave me some obnoxiously neoned pink/orange Nike dryfit tanks yesterday and I tried one out today and it rocks.  I never buy fancy gym clothes and while I will never be hit by a car crossing in this thang, it is super comfy and sweatproof.

Then it was time to make the dough. I use Jamie Oliver`s recipe. It works well and seriously, just make your own dough. It totes angers me when I see recipes to buy dough. It doesn`t take long to make it and you are left with dough for 8 pizzas. It is better in the end and leaves you with dough for more Pizza Parties!!!!!


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Pâte Brisée

I did not make anything of note for dinner, though the pasta with caramelized sungold cherry tomatoes turned out exceptional. And super pan caramelized. But alas, I did not take any pics. And I was lucky enough to have a fancy business lunch at Nougatine today. I had the tuna tartare with avocado, radish and ginger soy, and a roasted beets on “rich yogurt,” mâché and a drizzle of infused oil. The “yogurt” was more of a super creamy goat cheese and so good and the tuna tartare there is aces. But unfortunately, being a biz lunch, I could not take pics. But I highly recommend their lunch And luckily, my boss favors the place, so it is my go to on the rare occasions that I get to have a free lunch and not my standard chobani yogurt + rice crackers and a pics of fruit. Yes, I eat that every day. Sad. Anyways, The fixed price is only $32 for 3 courses, though I just ordered 2 starters and called it a meal so this was like $25. A total steal for the quality, even if it is in the unsavory location of a Trump building. And far more uptown than I normally go.

Since I have not been sleeping much, and the rain tonight did not help, I struggled to cross the street to hit the gym. I’m glad I did as I decided to make my pâte brisée, ie the tart crusts for Saturday’s dinner party. I had to work off the amount of butter that seeped into my skin via hand formation of dough. Though my hands are now buttery soft. Literally.


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