Speedy All In One Fresh Pasta

Jeez I worked a long day. But I still managed to do it. The husband grabbed some fresh dumplings from North but I was so late I decided to hold them for lunch tomorrow and make this. it took all of 15 min and I have some pesto made for a crap-ton of meals later.

Fresh pasta from the CSA, cherry tomatoes, some remnants of cambezola and boucheron, made a spinach pesto and salad. All in one.


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Fancy Fresh Cheesy Fettuccine with Sungold Cherry Tomatoes and Pesto


I went to the bar after work per usual as was Thursday night and wanted to make something super fast when I got home, cuz it was a bit late. I had my pasta share from my Tuesday CSA pickup in the fridge, this week it was while wheat fettucine. Now honestly, this is the 3rd time this year that we have gotten the a whole wheat egg-pasta from the CSA and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that, um, we have ended up tossing all of them as we let them sit in the fridge a little too long. After this, I think we were right. The spinach pastas are great! The regular plain – nice! The carrot, the beet, the tri-colored, all aces! The whole wheat – eh, no. It was not inedible, though the husband claimed it had a dirt consistency, but it was blah and the texture was way too soft. Next time they offer this, I’m going to pass on it – hopefully, with only 5 weeks left of CSA share, I won’t see it again.

Anyhoo – off to the recipe. I would suggest no using whole wheat fresh pasta for this, but if you like that sorta thing, well, you are eating it, not me. I really like using the fresh pasta with a raw “sauce”, and this whole thing is pretty no-cook. You can even just use a 3.5 qt sauce pan to cook the pasta in so it is even faster – 5min to boil – 3 min to cook pasta, that’s it. Perfect post-boozy food on a school night.

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