On Deck

It has been a miserably long week that included a day at work with a massive hangover slight hangover of which I blame Veda, or Todd Haynes, I stayed up too late waiting his version of Mildred Pierce which is suddenly avail on itunes and I love the Joan version and the book.  I had issues now that I finished the miniseries after the fact and the very slight slings it missed in the film comp to the book  And  I had a  a 3 hour meeting and drinking so much water that I had to leave said meeting 4 times to pee and grab more water.  Blah.  Also, I really need to get my nails done, but it is kinda crappy out so unless it stops raining when I leave work, I will skip it.

I really have no clue what to make, like really, just at a totes loss for some reason.

This will have to do:

I will play around my days of making by ear, and am going out of town for the weekend on Thursday, so I just have to cover Friday-Wednesday.

Friday: Pizza Party

Monday: Stuffed Mushrooms

Saturday: Ginger Cashew Stir Fried veg with Rice Noodles

Tuesday: Gratin Savoyard

Sunday: Chilaquiles that I saw on Serious Eats, but adding egg maybe? If I don’t make these Sunday, I will at least make the tomatillo salsa then.

Wednesday: Polenta with roasted tomatoes, broccoli rabe and cauliflower

Wait – that was easy enough, it looks like I have 3 new things on my deck which works for me.  And since it is Friday, this is what I am thinking of, sorta.

Why yes, this is a Spanish Wine Cooler. And yes, I did drink it. And no, I don't plan on having another - desperation, inexplicably it is all they had in a club in Seville, no real wine, just this.


On Deck

I am kinda at a loss this week and no clue why! I think I just have not come upon anything that has grabbed me this week when trolling online. Also I am tired, very tired.  I had a dream this morning that I was on vacation in Paris and it was suddenly getting late on Friday and we were to leave on Saturday and we had forgotten to go grab wines to take home to cellar and stores would not be open and that was the whole purpose of going! And then I woke up and was all, oooh at least it is Saturday and then I realized, no, it is Friday and not only that but I had to get up an hour early cuz the husband had a 9am meeting today and we share car service to work and blah.

So anyhoo, this is my current plan:

Friday: Pizza Party

Saturday: Dinner with friends, I’m charged with coming up with the cocktail to go with the food – I am going for something with mint, meyer lemon and cucumber – vodka based, since 1 of the 6 of us is a non-gin person (not me!), but no big thang.  Dinner is vindaloo, saag paneer, and chana masala + the accompanying sauces.

Sunday: Veg Sheppard’s Pie – similar to this, but I’ll make some changes

Monday: Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Tuesday: Polenta with roasted  cauliflower and tomatoes

Wednesday: Baked sweet potatoes with feta, spinach and chickpeas

Thursday: leftovers?

I’m kinda irritated that Fresh Direct suddenly stopped carrying washed and trimmed mixed kale cuz I am kinda obsessed with kale salads! I am going to attempt to wash and trim it all in advance, but fear I will get too lazy.  In that case, I’ll just juice it.

So since it is Friday, I am definitely thinking about this:

Cocktails! In Paris!

Cocktails! In Paris!

On Deck

I missed my on deck last week but am back to regular all day work hours so here it is.  I’m pretty psyched to have some new readers  despite my pictures on this week’s recipes being less than spectacular, iphone + green walls don’t always make for the prettiest shots. This is kinda my secret spot to do my food recipes, I haven’t let my facebook universe in on this place and only a couple friends know it exists, so it is nice to get stumbled upon.


Anyhoo, here is what is on deck for the week:

Friday: pizza party

Saturday: Thai rice noodles with tofu, or a tofu-rice noodle stir fry
with cashews, ginger, or curry noodle soup.
Or maybe hoisen sauce with the rice noodles, veg and tofu? Playing this by ear.

White bean and kale soup

Roast eggplant for baba ganoush – switching up my yogurt and rice cracker lunches!

Monday: Puy lentil-sweet potato salad.  add quinoa or brown rice? Kale salad

Tuesday: Eggs poached in smoked tomatoes with spinach.  simple salad

Wednesday: leftover thai noodles

Thurs: Polenta with roasted veg, kale salad.


And since it is Friday, I’m thinking about this:



On Deck and Edible Gifting: Infused Vodkas & Extra Virgin Hot Chili Oil

I`m combining posts cuz I am lazy and at home at the moment. It was a ridiculous day for me since the office closed for holiday at 2, I didn`t get there until 10:45 and I had a meeting off site with my board chair at noon, so I only really went in to grab the stuff for our meeting and was at work for a grand total of 75 minutes. Ok, so yeah, I did go to work late, but even if I got there at 10, I would have only been there for like, 100 minutes, so, yeah, dumb.

Anyhoo, this year I did all foodstuffs for gifts, some were my favorites products with recipe cards and some stuff I made. Here are a few things.

I started with a Rosemary-Meyer Lemon Vodka. It became on it`s own, pretty close to a limoncello, but without the simple syrup – it`s pretty sweet naturally and became a bit more viscous, like a liqueur, but go ahead and add the simple syrup if you want. This is redonkulously easy.

What I used:

4 -5 Meyer Lemons

2 5 inch sprigs Rosemary

Vodka, I used Stoli, even though my go to is Luksusowa. Whatevs, just use a decent vodka, something you would drink straight or with perrier/soda

A Big Mason Jar, I think it was like 32 OZ

Some bottles for packaging – these from The Container Store are dirt cheap and if you are in Manhattan, they will messenger them to you. Guess how they came to me? Hint, I am lazy and delivery service is my friend.

A funnel

What I did:

Clean the lemons since you are using the whole thing. Slice them all up skins on and all. With the meyer lemons, you don`t have to worry about pith ruining the drink and making it bitter.


Put the lemons in the in the jar, put the rosemary in the jar whole. Pour vodka to the top. Screw the lid on and shake it. Put it in the refrigerator 3 days-up to 2 weeks. It will get more infused the more you leave it in there. Every time you go into the refrigerator to do something, pull out the jar and shake it. Taste it after a few days and see how you like it. I pulled my first batch off after 5 days and bottled it as a gift and left the rest in for another 2 weeks. The the longer infused batch has more color and is more like a liqueur, The early batch was more like a standard infused vodka.

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On Deck

It’s Friday, so it must be menu planning time.  Here’s my plan for the week:

Pizza Party – Saturday

Wild Mushroom Soup with wild mushroom crostini and poached egg – Sunday

Onion soup -use up leftover caramelized onions? make Sunday to eat  Tuesday
Gratin Savoyard – Monday
“Salsa” poached eggs + Polenta or Huevos Rancheros – Wednesday
Pasta with tomatoes/spinach – Thursday
Burritos – Friday
Since it’s Friday, I’m obvs thinking of this:
But also this:



On Deck

So here is my little meal plan for the week, I’m a bit shocked that I managed it, but whatevs. Yes, 2 of the things are what I missed making this past week.

Saturday – dinner party – tarts/olives/nutz

Tuscan bread soup – Sunday

Gratin Savoyard – Monday
Ginger soba or cashew soba stir fry
Roasted Carrots on greens – Tuesday
Pasta – Thursday
Burritos or poached eggs in “salsa” with polenta – Friday
I have no clue what to make tonight. Can’t have a pizza party, need to make the dough.  I don’t think I have all the stuff to make burritos.  hmmm.
While I ponder this, I’ll just remind myself since it is Friday, I am thinking about this:

On Deck

It’s Friday and I am getting my Fresh Direct order together and obvs need to plan out what to eat.  The weather is finally turned to fall and I can start relying on using the oven.

My meal plan went pretty well last week and I did 90% of what I planned.  Onto this week:

Leftover drunken pad thai and some dumplings from North Dumpling (I don’t feel bad buying these, it is a hole in the wall where you watch the old women hand make the dumplings and they are super filled with ginger and the skins are super thin and light and my dumplings, when I tried are just not as good, and they are $5 for a bag of 30 to take home and steam yourself or $2/8 veg steamed.) – Friday

Pizza Party – Saturday

Quiché with mushrooms/cheese or tomatoes – Sunday

Roasted beets and carrots with cumin and coriander over greens with roasted orange and lemon vinaigrette – Monday

Mac and cheese with leeks and artichoke hearts  – Tuesday

Gratin Savoyard – Wednesday

Pasta/tomatoes – Thursday

Additional things that sound good and I may sub in: Spit Pea Soup or Puy Lentils (I may make the soup on Saturday, then it can sit and be ready for after going out)

*days items made subject to change

As it is Friday, I am thinking of this: