Basil Mint Pesto

I can`t say I really made anything today. Instead I prepped the rest of the weeks meals and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a ginormous kale salad. My grilled cheese was not as fancy as the ones that I saw Ina make while watching the Barefoot Contessa at the gym today. Yeah, I watched a cooking show at the gym, but it was 4pm and nothing else was on, so yeah, I did the weird thing and watched cooking shows, which is rather odd.

At a loss when I got home, I decided to prep out the rest of the week because I was flying solo for dinner and didn`t want to make something with a ton of leftovers so this worked. This is on my On Deck and is a slightly modified Sicilian Pesto Batalli recipe.

NB This makes a whole lot of pesto – close to 3 cups, I’m going to go back in and freeze at least half so it keeps.  Also gonna try it on grilled cheese sandwiches.


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Shrimp Sandwich Mania

Seriously, I was not lying when I said I was eating these up every night! With the he husband away, I can eat the same thing every night without any grousing. That and these are spectacular. I did made the kale salad I referred to in my deck at least.

The sandwiches are very make ahead, they were just as good today, I mean the shrimp and avocado spread held up well.  I made a fresh sandwich.


So yeah, I have no new recipe, this is the same as what I made yesterday, though I was thinking, you could swap the shrimp with tilapia and it would be aces.

So this is how I make kale salad, I guess?

Make a dressing – juice of a lemon, equal decent olive oil for raw eating, sea salt, pepper. Mix it with a fork – I do it in a seal-able container because it makes more than I will use for one salad and I use this on every salad. Coat the kale with just enough of the dressing,like 3 tablespoons for 4-5 cups. Sprinkle about of tablespoon of grated parmigiano-reggiano cheese over and mix. Let sit for at least 15-30 minutes prior to eating to allow it to wilt a bit. That`s it. I made mine like 45 minutes in advance.


Spinach and Sundried Tomato Spaghetti Cake with Kale Caesar Salad

Since it is New Year I am starting with something I found at the beginning of 2011 when I started my ban on take out. Of course it is a Jamie Oliver recipe because he was my starting point for finding new recipes. Prior I was only cooking from my head and looked at cooking blogs as inspiration, but to follow a recipe – I thought that it meant that I couldn`t cook. Yeah, it is stupid. To pair, I am doing a bit fancier than my standard simple salad and making this kale caesar that my friend David made for xmas eve dinner that I thought was pretty great. Luckily he texted me the recipe – a term I am using loosely here – about a half hour before I was about to start.

We also have a 1993 reserve Veuve Cliquot to drink that we have been holding and it is time. I was too sick to drink it on xmas, and last night we stuck with reserve cava as we were going out drinking at the bar with a friend so it seemed wrong to open at 8:30 and slug prior to going out. Our pre-night out meal was cheese plate, spanish almonds and the cava which we shared with my friend Delphine who we spent the holiday festivities with us.

I admit to making an almost total error in making this tonight, but luckily quickly caught it and was able to correct. Also, I modified it to lighten the calorie load by using skim milk. I also swapped 2 egg whites for 1 whole egg, but that was only because I had used 2 yolks in the dressing and didn`t want to trash them.


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