Fregula with Clams and Tomatoes

Love this! This is my 2nd time making. I use Rustichella d`Abruzzo brand of fregula. MY changes are to steam the clams in a mix of wine and water, 8 cloves garlic + 1 whole onion, add a zucchini and cook the tomatoes and zucchini with the onion/garlic, 2 cups fregula, 36 clams, 2 bottles clam juice (if needed, I did the 1st time, did not the 2nd,). Also added some basil since I have it growing.  Try it!


White Bean and Kale Soup

My mom bought me the Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook for xmas. It is over 700 pages. Of How-to Clean. A bit much, like the 5 pages on how to wash dishes. But I like it. On that note, we scrubbed all the floors and baseboards yesterday. By hand. It took over 3 hours. It really really blew, but the floors look a billion times better. When we reno`d our apt we redid all the floors and got rid of the horrible parquet that I never want to see again. We chose a hand rubbed tung oiled floor that you can not use like any cleaning product on and have lived in fear of ruining the floors for the past year and 4 months. We don`t wear shoes, vacuum, dry mop, but the city is dirty and it just blows in. Finally I contacted the guy who runs the place that made our floors and was all, isn`t there something? And finally he refers me to use some waterlox product that cost me $15 to have shipped to me. The product cost the same, gah! It worked though and the floors are now sparkly-new again. We also did a bit of rearranging and put down a rug in the dining area. What does this have to do with cooking? Nothing other than this was so tiring and me knees were wrecked from scrubbing on hands and knees for 3 hours straight. Needless to say, cooking went by the wayside and we ordered food.

Tonight, I`m back on track and am making this kale-white bean soup. It would be good with a parm rind cooked in it, but this one is vegan – until I added a sprinkle of parm in the bowl, but I promise it was good without it. Also, this makes a ton, I froze the remainder for later. Skip the crouton for gluten-free.


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Super Healthy Vegetable Two Bean Chili

Ok, so the title may not make you want make it. Healthy? Blah. But this is good. And Healthy. And Easy. And perfect if you are the type to do a food cleanse, but still like to eat. I don`t do food cleanses anymore, but healthy eating is always a good thing. This is definitely healthy and is pretty unprocessed. This comes together pretty quick, and you can either do a slow cook, or get it done in about a half an hour. This was done slow.


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Creamy and Healthy Asparagus-Zucchini Pasta

I haven’t made this in a while and to be honest, I should have gone to the gym today but decided to be all futzy cooking instead.

This was one of the first Jamie Oliver recipes I tried and it is great because it has a ton of flavor but has very little fat. You can make the sauce ahead like on a weekend and put this together in a snap after work. I also should just rename this blog Cooking Jamie Oliver`s Stuff, or JO Fangirl.  It was not on my on deck, but I had the asparagus and zucchini on hand and here it is.


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Polenta with Tomatoes and Artichokes and Some Random

I am playing catch up this week. Lots of catch up. Worse, I am getting a cold again. For realz this time. But I have a 9-6 event tomorrow so no time for that. The problem with vacations, for me at least, is that I am so used to not eating prepared foods at this point that my immune system goes haywire from the germs or something and I get a cold. That and vacation from work just means more work to catch up to.

I still have some Barcelona posts to catch up on too but here are some things I made this week and I have an On Deck ready for tomorrow. But crap, I will be out of the office all day tomorrow so it may not get posted til Saturday. And I have not gotten to the gym this week. Saturday. *sigh*


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Wild Rice Soup

I finally got sick and have been in bed all weekend. I got up to make some soup only cuz I was sick of being in bed and did not want take out again. Last night was Vegetable Pho. Or like a bowl of sriacha broth with veg. I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow. Hope.

Back to the soup. The local fancy grocery back in Minneapolis, Byerly’s, had this wild rice soup that was legendary. Yeah, I know grocery store restaurant. Makes no sense. If you google Byerly’s wild rice soup. Or Lund’s wild rice soup you will get the recipe. And a lot of waxing longingly over this soup.

Theirs was pretty calorie laden and had meat. This is my version.


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Black Bean Soup with Bonus Green Chile Cornbread

I think I am getting a cold. If I do I am screwed. The husband has a cold and I am trying to stave off mine since my event is on Wednesday and I don`t have time to be sick. I was able to at least finally get my table seating done for the event. It takes forever to seat 300 guests and block it out keeping mindful that one wrong table could cost me donations during the live pledge.

So yesterday I finally had to break down and go in to grab a dress. The six dresses that I had shipped from just all were fails. Note to Diane Von Furstenberg, your quality is in the can for Fall 2011. So while getting my hair did, I trolled Barney`s Coop online, and while it was snow/slushing(?!?!), I figured, at least the soho store would be empty, so armed with the knowledge that there were 10 promising items on their website, I broke down and went in. Yes, it was empty, though would it kill them to stock a size 6 at the soho store? I`m 5`9, that is not a complete fatty, jeez. I walked out with one dress and waiting for another that was at the Chelsea location to be fedexed over to me. Why that can`t messenger it, I have no clue.

So I have a seating chart done, a dress, my nails are now did and I am trying not to get a cold. Time to make a black bean soup. This one`s kinda spicy cuz I like spicy and I`m hoping to kill the germs.


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