Fresh Fava Bean – Arugula Pesto/Spread

Just prepping some fava beans today. Since I started prepping, might as well make the whole thing.  So I bought a pound of fava beans because they are in their brief season and decided, why not. The thing is that they are some work to get ready. Since I have nothing better to do here`s a prep of favas and the subequent pesto or spread I made with them.  I added some arugula and this would be good on pasta, or stir in a spoonful to your side of rice, or just use as a spread on some crostini.  As an added bonus, my extra effort made my Fitbit tell me `YOU ROCK` as I started to actually make the pesto.  Make this and you can too ROCK.


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Roasted Aparagus and Egg Sandwiches

I saw these asparagus -egg sandwiches on a few weeks back and they seemed like a good idea, I`m too lazy to find the link, but this is my version. I thought of adding roasted mushrooms to the mix, but had just put the asparagus in the oven, so I skipped it. I`ll try it next time.

This is pretty fast and simple and would be a good use of leftover asparagus, but I usually don`t have leftover asparagus – it gets eaten as it is cooked. Peel the lower stalks on the asparagus, it makes a difference and who wants a stringy sandwich, then again, I don`t understand why people would ever want stringy asparagus, gross. I had some basil-spinach pesto in the fridge that I made the other day, it`s a good addition.

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Cumin Scented Chickpea-Bulgar-Quinoa Salad

I have a confession to make, I didn`t technically make this, I conceptualized it, finished it, and seasoned it, but I did not make it. The husband did, under my direction, but he did. He came home to watch the March Madness and I went to the gym. When I got home from work, I took everything out and said cook this, chop all this and stick it in a big bowl. He looked a bit confused, but I think he was just trying to get out of the cooking. He did not succeed.

If you looked at my On Deck this week, you saw that I bought a bulgur wheat-quinoa blend. Since it was warm, I thought it would make for a nice salad with the red pepper, cucumber, and tomatoes I had on hand. It also leaves me with leftovers and I need something to bring to work for lunch tomorrow – this is it. It`s fast, easy, super healthy, and perfect for a warm day. It`s also vegan and can be made gluten-free if you skip the bulgur and go with all quinoa. This will go on rotation.


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Tofu Banh Mi – Part 2

I could not decide whether to make this tonight or do avocado sandwiches. I decided on this, my tofu had marinated 2 days and was quite tasty uncooked, so banh mi it was.

Other than the recipes for the pickled daikon and carrots, and the tofu marinade, this is all pretty simple. Just bake the tofu and assemble with some cucumber, sriracha-mayo, jalapenos, and cilantro. I suppose you could leave off the mayo and call it vegan.

So I bake the tofu here, yes bake it. I find that baking tofu makes it firm up nicer and, obviously, it does not require oil. This is perfect for a warm spring night, or whenever.



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Tofu Banh Mi Part 1 – Pickled Daikon and Lemongrass Marinade

Since it is pretty spring-y out, I decided that this week would be a sandwich week. That and I like sandwiches.  Tomato-Avocado, Shrimp, and Banh Mi.

The Banh Mi requires some prep, so I prepped it today and will make the rest later this week, like tomorrow. Prep here are the pickled carrots-daikon and I decided just to marinate the tofu overnight, because, why not?

I used the recipes here for reference, after staring at several different ones online.

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Roasted Cauliflower Frittata

I am finally making the frittata that I saw on emmycooks blog. I made some changes by lightening it a bit and adding some more veg, but this was for no other reason other than preference and not wanting to bust open a single serve yogurt for this. Hers looks amazing as is!

I roasted my cauliflower the other day so this was pretty speedy.



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Basil Mint Pesto

I can`t say I really made anything today. Instead I prepped the rest of the weeks meals and ate a grilled cheese sandwich and a ginormous kale salad. My grilled cheese was not as fancy as the ones that I saw Ina make while watching the Barefoot Contessa at the gym today. Yeah, I watched a cooking show at the gym, but it was 4pm and nothing else was on, so yeah, I did the weird thing and watched cooking shows, which is rather odd.

At a loss when I got home, I decided to prep out the rest of the week because I was flying solo for dinner and didn`t want to make something with a ton of leftovers so this worked. This is on my On Deck and is a slightly modified Sicilian Pesto Batalli recipe.

NB This makes a whole lot of pesto – close to 3 cups, I’m going to go back in and freeze at least half so it keeps.  Also gonna try it on grilled cheese sandwiches.


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