Wild Mushroom Grilled Cheese with Roasted Cauliflower

Yeah, this is not revelatory, except taste-wise. I had some leftover wild mushrooms I made the other day, and still a ton of cheese. So this.

Please don`t mind the picture fail, tastes and really looks better than this looks!




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Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

I think we are now scrapping Bordeaux/Marseilles for Shanghai and Beijing for May!! Eek!

And tonight I am making Stuffed mushrooms and roasted brussel sprouts. I skipped the balsamic that was in my plan, but used the zucchini and onions I cut the other day. Also got rid of some feta that was hanging out.

ZOMG! This is such a plating/ picture fail and it is soooooo effing good. Sad. This is going on rotation. Don’t skip the Sundried tomatoes. Srsly!


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Wild Rice Fritatta

This is a fast post for a fast meal.  I made some things that had leftovers that were perfect for a fritatta, though really this is more of a Spanish tortilla, for sake of ease, I`m calling it a fritatta. You can really use anything in a Fritatta. It’s just eggs baked with stuff. Super simple and speedy other than the 45 min or so in the oven. But this took all of 5 min to get prepped.

Since I had leftover wild rice mix from the other day, and the remainder of the creamy mushrooms, it seemed a perfect match. Try it with the wild rice. It is a super health bomb.


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Pizza Party Part 2: Standard Pizza

Before I get to my heirloom tomato experiment, we have to have Standard Pizza. Standard Pizza is sauce, olives, onions, mushrooms, fresh mozzerella and sausage half for the husband.



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