Roasted Portobello Mushroom Sandwiches

Nope, didn`t do an On Deck this week. My day was too busy at work and I was not going to cook Saturday anyhow as we went to a dinner party. My plans this week are kinda sketchy, so we`ll see what I do.

I had seen a recipe for a portobello mushroom burger with cabbage slaw online and got some mushrooms to make something similar as I thought they would be a good use for all that basil-mint pesto I made the other day. I was tired since I did not get to the gym until late and this seemed as good of day as any to make this. I roasted some asparagus and made a simple salad to go with.


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Vegetable Shepherd’s Pie

I`m not so sure about this one. For one, it isn`t speedy, and two, I`m not so sure it warrants the amount of time it takes. But I am typing this part while it is in the oven as I usually do.

So this weekend was Metal Mania on VH1 Old People, I mean Classics, so last night we contemplated going out for dinner, but were waylaid by the Lemmy documentary. I guess if you rent it you can watch 4.5 hours of bonus footage! That`s a lot! Not gonna lie, I am intrigued and am pretty close to getting a hold of this bonus. Then we couldn`t go to bed because the documentary of Anvil was on at 2am. It was a bit sad and like a trainwreck that you just could not turn away from as these guys kept spending money trying to get famous again. Like 25 years later!

What does all this have to do with this shepherd`s pie, I don`t know. Just sayin`.

So luckily the husband helped me with this as it took an hour and a half to prep to begin with, though you can make ahead. I used this recipe, but made some changes, some in advance and some on the fly as it really needed some more seasoning. Ok, so we ate it, the flavors came together and it was major hearty with a ton of leftovers.


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Roasted Asparagus and Wild Mushrooms

Still flying solo with the husband away on biznass. Unfortunately, since he feeds the cats, I got up and was shocked to see an empty bowl this morning – I forgot to feed them! Luckily they did not starve to death, not that I would have really forgotten to feed them for long.

Anyhoo, I`m deviating from my posts of full meals for this, though you could certainly add a poached egg to the top and a salad and call it dinner. This is pretty simple and fast – only 5 minutes of prep and 30 in the oven and you are done.


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Vegetable Pasta Bake

I made it my mission today to clean out the fridge of all perishables prior to vacay. I made a new on deck and emailed it to myself with a new plan:

Things on hand:
1 bunch spinach + 3 mixed salads
1 bunch asparagus
Crimini + Shiitake mushrooms
2 pint containers grape tomatoes
2 yellow summer squash
Brussel sprouts

Monday: Mushrooms – use up – saute with the onions, garlic tomatoes,
spinach and squash – use up remainder 1/2 package of
pasta and bake with some parm and whatever cheese – manchego?
cambezola? until done. serve with a salad.

Tuesday – Roast the brussel sprouts along with the asparagus and half
the tomatoes + garlic. Roast all veg on Monday
Put the tomatoes/asparagus on polenta. Eat with a salad

Wednesday: Roast acorn squash and add the leftover tagine. Eat with a salad

Thursday: eat brussel spouts with leftover pad thai that I made Saturday and grilled cheese sandwiches (there is only enough pad thai for 1)

Friday: grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

Yes, I am aware this list and the combos are perhaps bizarre. But it will work.



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Wild Rice Soup

I finally got sick and have been in bed all weekend. I got up to make some soup only cuz I was sick of being in bed and did not want take out again. Last night was Vegetable Pho. Or like a bowl of sriacha broth with veg. I hope to get back to the gym tomorrow. Hope.

Back to the soup. The local fancy grocery back in Minneapolis, Byerly’s, had this wild rice soup that was legendary. Yeah, I know grocery store restaurant. Makes no sense. If you google Byerly’s wild rice soup. Or Lund’s wild rice soup you will get the recipe. And a lot of waxing longingly over this soup.

Theirs was pretty calorie laden and had meat. This is my version.


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Mushroom Eggs Florentine

ZOMG! Seriously. Make this. This has been on my deck for a while now. I had something similar in Buenos Aires in August that I wanted to recreate. I really really like trying to recreate food had while traveling. While I will never ever attempt or try or claim my Arzak items, I’ve been pretty ace with spanish tapas and Spanish Moroccan food, particularly stuff had in Madrid. I think that is why I like going there so much. It always leaves me with something or two to recreate at home.

Anyhoo, so I wanted to make this starter dish I had at Demuru. It really was all I could eat even though it was a starter and I left my main virtually untouched. It was all creamy mushroomy goodness with an egg baked and poached inside. I can make that!

But first I needed individual baking dishes. That was harder than it sounds. I just wanted nice ones that were not fugly. And then what size? 6 oz, 8 oz, gah. I no know! I settled on these from Crate and Barrel . They were well priced and at least white. Then I just put off making for fear I’d do wrong. Dumb.

So yeah, I finally made it and it was super. This would also be a great easy starter for a dinner party done in small ramekins with one egg. It looks fancy, but is way easy.


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Fall Mushroom and Spinach Pasta

Supposedly it was national pasta day, though I only know this from an email I got from somewhere. I didn’t pay attention where. I took it as a sign to make some pasta.

I had some mushrooms and found a recipe on serious eats for a wild mushroom pasta which I linked in the last post. I made some changes though, like adding spinach. It was super aces. Make this.20111017-101046.jpg


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