Tarts and Tarts Part 4: Blue Cheese Pear Dessert Tart

I actually made a dessert.  I don`t make desserts.  I don`t even much like desserts. I like savory to sweet.  This was my kind of dessert.  I was agonizing what to make and since I already was making tarts, knew that a dessert one was the way to go.  I was going to make an apple tart.  Then a pear tart.  Then a combo tart, which my mom said was not a good idea so back to the apple tart.  Then I happened on this, a savory pear tart.  I was going to make it as is, and pass it off as dessert, then modified while cooking and is became a dessert.


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Tarts and Tarts Part 3: Super Sexy Roasted Beet and Fig Tart

This tart is the supermodel of the bunch, it`s all style and substance and was deemed the sleeper.

I used this recipe as my base with some changes.  I don`t like dried figs, which this called for, so I just roasted my own.


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